100% Calmer Nerves For Musicians With Self Hypnosis

If you’re a musician you know what the stage can do for you. It’s nerve-wracking. In the blink of an eye, it can turn confidence into cowardice.

It can make your bones tremble, and your brain go blank.


A friend of mine – I’m going to call him Steve, even thought that’s not his real name – was a really great musician. But a terrible performer.

If you put him in front of an audience larger than 30 or so people, he’d just collapse under the pressure like a cheap folding chair.

And he know that I was kind of versed in helping people cope with fears and phobias.

But of course, he assumed that this wouldn’t work for him. After all, his was not just a phobia. It was pure stage fright. It wasn’t something that some little mental trickery would do away with. This was serious.

And oftentimes, when people don’t believe in your skills, and then you help them to solve a problem, they turn 180°. Instead of being a strong skeptic and constant critic, they then become totally bedazzled by your abilities.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised when he ended up telling others about my advice:

“The Best Stage Performance Advice I Ever Got”

Now I didn’t let that praise from “Steve” go to my head.

Cause that advice (I’m going to share it with you in a minute) isn’t really that groundbreaking. Or brilliant. Or clever. Or smart. Or creative.

It’s just effective.

And if you want to overcome your fear of performing in front of an audience, you might want to pay close attention here.

Because there are a few…

…Frightening Facts Only Performers Know About.

You see – when you’re up on stage, with all eyes on you, and all ears listening to every sound coming from you or your instrument… it’s not just about “being good or being bad”. It’s about death. It feels like that.

Because your brain doesn’t differentiate if you’re suffering from severe stage fright.

Your brain sends out all the signals that make you believe – on a subconscious level – that your life is on the line. And that’s what akes you sweat and shake. That’s what stirrs up a maddening mix of hormones, pumping through your system.

And all the self-talk in the world won’t help you to put an end to that.

Because even your best efforts at controlling your fear come from a very “highly developed” part of your brain.

The thing is: the primal parts of your brain can easily override everything those more sophisticated brain circuits do.

And that’s why hyponsis is so powerful. This was the advice I gave “Steve”: to tap into the power of his subconscious mind using an hypnosis download for musicians and singers.

Can You Guess What This Self-Hypnosis Download Did?

If you’ve read the previous couple of paragraphs, you probably know the answer to that question already. And if not, you might want to re-read them.

Or you just experience it yourself: resolve the fear of performing in front of an audience and overcome musicians nerves once and for all.

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