Article About Bipolar & Hypnosis

There’s an article about Marilyn Redmond, who was bipolar for many years of her life but is now officially diagnosed as “sane again”.

There are some interesting

Usually, medicating the symptoms instead of finding the root of the origin of the Bipolar Disorder and the resulting fear is the medical procedure. However, drugs stop the ability to grow emotionally beyond the basis of the past trauma.

I agree with this view. Drugs help to change emotions, but they sabotage the potential emotional growth to become a truly emotionally and psychically healthy person again that isn’t dependent on medication to be happy.

She also talk about some rather spaced-out sounding scientific theories:

New scientific evidence proves that hypnosis, mediation, and affirmations raise energy in a person changing their DNA. Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev now has scientifically proven that affirmations along with meditation and/or hypnosis will raise consciousness, increase well-being, and balance chemistry in individuals.

Quiet frankly – I don’t care too much about these things. It’s a way of trying to explain why and how things work. But the only thing that really matters is that they work.

If hypnosis can help you to overcome bipolar disorder, then by all means, use it.