Athletic Hypnosis MP3

These athletic hypnosis MP3 downloads can help you to perform better at whatever sport you pursue.

While in the past training was almost exclusively about actual physical training, it’s now widely accepted among pro athletes that mental training plays an important part in the training regimen if you want to achieve peak athletic performance.

hypnosis downloadAthletic Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

Many famous athletes in almost every athletic discipline – from olympic sports to Formula 1 to tennis, soccer and golf – now use the power of mental training and sports hypnosis to stay on top of their game push their personal performance further.

Ultimately, it’s your mind that controls your body – and the better you control your mind, the better you control your body.

Be in the zone

The zone is that magical place where your mind and body are absolutely in sync.

With these sports hypnosis downloads you can effectively:

  • quiten your mind immediately
  • direct 100% of your mental focus on performing
  • fade out all distractions automatically
  • develop laser-like focus reliably

When you’re not on top of your mental game, all the sweat in the world won’t get you to be as strong, agile and precise as you could be.

Performance anxiety

Any doubt about your athletic capability can push you off and bring you further away from performing at your best. No more nerve-wracking thoughts, no more pre-game jitters.

hypnosis downloadAthletic Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

The pressure of athletic competition can crush you if you don’t practice mental preparation.

Hypnosis can turn you into a cold, mean confidence machine.

Overcome Setbacks & Disappointments

Even elite athletes sometimes fail and have to deal with setbacks and disappointments. The question is: if you screwed up, will you let that get to you or simply move on?

The best thing you can do is to review what caused your screw-up, think how you can prevent it next time and then simply move on. But too many people let disappointments nag at their confidence.

Fine motor coordination

Sometimes the refinements of sports hypnosis will be almost imperceptible adjustments – but when you’re in the arena, they can be the difference between being the winner and being the loser.

And precisely because of that – precisely because they are imperceptible to the conscious mind, it’s the work with the subconscious suggestions where you can really fine-tune your muscles.

Empowering Self-Talk

What you say to yourself in your head can make or break you. Everyone of us has that “inner voice” – and this inner voice can be a friend or foe.

Most people never really pay conscious attention to the voice in their head. It does however have tremendous influence over your feelings and thoughts. Research has shown that most people speak at a speed between 300-1000 words per minute with themselves – which is a really fast way of speaking, so it’s not surprising that we don’t often pay attention to it.

But the thing is – that voice is not someone else.

So why wouldn’t you want to use it to perform better?

You can make your inner dialogue to be a mentor, a coach who inspires you to do your best.

hypnosis downloadAthletic Hypnosis MP3 Downloads