Become More Hypnotizable

Hypnosis can be a powerful psychological method to improve yourself, make change easier and get the life you want. Many successful people use hypnotic suggestions to create the right mindset, be healthy and energetic, overcome fears and doubts, be more confident, and so on. And all of this works best if you are highly hypnotizable. But what if you find yourself having trouble entering hypnotic states of consciousness? Well, you can in fact train yourself to become more hypnotizable.

Become More Hypnotizable

In the past researchers believed that hypnotic susceptibility is fixed and can’t be changed – but this assumption was proven wrong by follow-up studies.

Scientists found out that high hypnotizables show greater task-related EEG hemispheric shifts than did low hypnotizable individuals, and the better a person is at developing focused and sustained attention, the easier it is for that person to be hypnotized.

What can you do to increase hypnotizability?

Well, there are many things.

Whenever you listen to a hypnosis audio, make sure that you can relax comfortably. Many people find that laying down helps them to relax better. If you lay down, make sure that the room temperature is pleasant, and maybe use a blanket to cover your body. Because oftentimes when you get deeply relaxed, you start to feel a little cooler which can in turn have an adverse effect on relaxation.

Also protect yourself from distractions: no ringing phones, incoming messages, nobody walking in the door, and so on.

In order to enhance your responsiveness to hypnosis you can tell yourself that you want to experience and benefit from hypnosis. It can even help to stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that out loud.

Become More Hypnotizable

Even meditation practice can help to increase hypnotic responsivity, as it allows you

Allow yourself to engage in daydreaming more often. Because it’s a mental state that is very similar to the hypnotic state.

Michael Diamond has shown that hypnotizability is modifiable – that means that people can become better hypnotic subjects.

Charles T. Tart has written in Increases in hypnotizability resulting from a prolonged program for enhancing personal growth that he was able to increase hypnotizability in both male and female subjects, even thought it was originally thought that hypnotizability is stable for any given individual (a thought that turned out to be false).

And the best way to increase your hypnotizability is to use simple self hypnosis. Just listen to a hypnosis session designed to make you more hypnotizable.


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Become More Hypnotizable