Binge Eating Self Help

Binge eating really is a terrible habit that affects you both emotionally and physically. On this website you will find good binge eating self help advice. Use it, and you can overcome binge eating once and for all.

Binge Eating Self Help Hypnosis

One of the things you can do is to simply avoid being exposed to triggers of binge eating.

There are two kinds of triggers for binge eating: those who are in the outside world, and those who are within yourself – your thoughts and emotions.

It really is important to take care of both.

Let’s talk about the external binge eating causes first.

Simply seeing something that looks delicious can cause you to binge eat. If you smell something enticing, that can lead to binge eating too.

Even reading something about food can trigger a binge eating episode.

For example:

When I was a kid, my parents were very strict when it came to eating sweets. Pretty much the only place where I got to eat sweets was at my grandmothers’ house, or when I stayed with friends.

And one day one of my friends had a glass of Nutella.

The delicious, tempting, hazelnut chocolate spread. I loved it.

Binge Eating Self Help Hypnosis

The thick creamy smooth texture, the GLANZ on the surface, the full richness of it when it was in your mouth. There’s something magical about the creamy combination of chocolate and hazelnut. Even while I’m writing this, I start to crave Nutella – and I know that all I have to do is walk down to the convenience store and buy a glass of it, bring it up, open it, take of the seal inside and slide the blade of my butter knife in. The full RICHNESS of the smell will JUMP to my face and entice me, and then, that magical moment when I put it to my lips.

Look, I’m a lousy writer – but even with my clumsy attempt of describing a Nutella experience, you probably already started to feel that a bit of Nutella would be just right now – at least if Nutella is one of the foods you would like to binge on. Otherwise, you could replace Nutella with your binge-food of choice.

Researchers recently did a study that carries significance for those looking for binge eating self help.

They took laboratory rats, and put Nutella in front of them. Yes, really, Nutella – lab rats love that too. They mixed it with some food pellets though. Must be one of my favorite studies ((Piccoli L, Micioni Di Bonaventura MV, Cifani C, Costantini VJ, Massagrande M, Montanari D, Martinelli P, Antolini M, Ciccocioppo R, Massi M, Merlo-Pich E, Di Fabio R, & Corsi M (2012). Role of orexin-1 receptor mechanisms on compulsive food consumption in a model of binge eating in female rats. Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, 37 (9), 1999-2011 PMID: 22569505)).

So they put the Nutella in front of the rats. And the rats can see it. They can smell it. They can get really close to it, they can ALMOST touch it. But just that: almost.

So they have this temptation in front of them for a couple of minutes. And this triggers stress in the rats, because they have this tempting thing right in front of them and they can’t have it.

And then they remove the barrier and the rat can eat the Nutella. And you know what happens? They binge eat! They eat a lot more than rats who didn’t have that previous experience of being so close to that delicious snack for several minutes but not being able to eat it.

So you can see – there is a lot of psychology at work. Being exposed to temptation, and / or being stressed / frustrated is one of the causes of binge eating.

With hypnosis, you can learn to remain relaxed and manage stress effectively. With hypnosis, you can learn how to redirect your attention when exposed to temptation.

Binge Eating Self Help Hypnosis