Building Emotional Intelligence

Building emotional intelligence is something that takes time and deliberate effort – but it also yields great results and is something you can practice in pretty much every interaction with others.

Daniel Goleman, the man who popularized the model of emotional intelligence, is a proponent of using mindfulness training as a way of building emotional intelligence. A training course which utilizes this approach called “Search Inside Yourself”, is being conducted at the Google University right now. Below you find a long video where Daniel Goleman talks at Google University.

In order to build emotional intelligence, you need to be able to

  1. manage stress,
  2. recognize and manage your emotions
  3. connect with others via nonverbal communication
  4. use humor and play to overcome challenges
  5. resolve conflicts confidently and positively

Interestingly your goal is to develop subconscious competence in all these areas – so that you don’t have to consciously process and overthink everything, but instead instinctively take the right approach.

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Here are some simple exercises to develop your EQ, you can do any of these EQ exercises in any order that you please.

Exercise 1:

What happens inside your head when you are interacting with other people? How much of the time are you outside your head, actually perceiving vs. inside your head, interpreting, thinking, judging?

Exercise 2:

What are your biggest weaknesses? Write this down your biggest weaknesses, and how you could improve yourself in these areas. Then ask some people who know you and who you respect the same question and check if what you think your biggest weaknesses are and what they think your biggest weaknesses are match. Syncing your self-image with how other people view you can be a tremendously eye-opening lesson. 

Exercise 3:

Observe yourself under pressure. When you’re in a stressful situation, how do you interact with others? Do you have the ability to still stay focused and on track, or do you go into panic mode and freak out?

Exercise 4:

Tell one joke every single day. Why is this a way of building your EQ? Simple. Humor is an essential element of effectively managing emotions (both your own and those of others). It can help to immediately reduce the stress in any situation if you can make people laugh and help them to temporarily relief psychological pressure. At the same time, it helps to shift the perspective of how you look at things.

Exercise 5:

Solve conflicts constructively. Next time you’re involved in some kind of conflict, observe yourself, your actions, thoughts and feelings. All to often when we’re involved in a conflict (whether big or small) we put up our defensive mechanisms and go in autopilot modus. That’s why we often feel negatively about conflicts. But the simple truth is that conflicts can help to come up with creative solutions and advance a relationship to the next level. 

Exercise 6:

Become more aware of nonverbal communication. When people interact with each other, so much of what get’s communicated is not in the words people speak, but in how they say these words and the gestures they make. Become better at reading body language and pay close attention what the tone of voice in which other people speak reveals about the true meaning of their message. The easiest way to become better at reading body language is not to buy a book on body language, but to consciously practice observing other people more precisely!

The more you make building emotional intelligence the focus of your goals, the faster you will increase your EQ.

You can improve your EQ with the help of hypnosis because when you’re in a deep state of relaxation you can access your own emotional wisdom more easily and also perceive signals from others more clearly. Click here to get the hypnosis download for building emotional intelligence now and start listening to the hypnotic suggestions which your subconscious mind will process in just the right way to help you boost your EQ even faster.