Butter, Olive Oil & Other Healthy Fat Foods Are Actually GOOD For You?

Healthy eating is important, and there’s no doubt that too many people struggle with obesity. And while it’s true that junk food is terrible for both your health and your waisteline, there are some fatty foods that can actually be good for you. In an article titled Let Them Eat Fat: In Praise of Fatty Foods author Ron Rosenbaum makes the point that fat is not always evil.

Consider the recent New England Journal of Medicine report on a study of the olive-oil-heavy “Mediterranean diet,” a study that included this fairly sensational revelation (as summarized by the Atlantic Online): “After five years of watching trends in heart disease and strokes among people at high risk, the researchers could not in good conscience continue to recommend a ‘low-fat diet’ to anyone.”

In the article he also makes a point that there is a sensory-specific satiety point which needs to be hit so that we feel full and satisfied. And the best way to hit that point is by eating reasonable servings of high-quality fatty foods.

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