Can Hypnosis Cure Herpes?

Conventional medicine mainly treats herpes with Acyclovir and other topical medications. However, this is, in our opinion, not the best way of dealing with herpes. The question is: can hypnosis cure herpes?

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Hypnosis and EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping) has been used to treat herpes.

Supplementing hypnotherapy against herpes with EFT is a good idea. It’s relatively quick and simple to do, once you have learned the basics, and you can conveniently fit it into your everyday life.

Raw Honey Against Herpes

Honey is both a powerful antiviral agent and Winnie The Pooh’s favorite food. And it’s an excellent supplement for treating herpes outbreaks when you’re using hypnosis.

In a study the effectiveness of honey and Acyclovir was tested to treat a herpes outbreak. One of the treatments resulted in a 59% faster healing time for genital herpes and a 43% faster healing time for sores on the lips than the other. Which one healed the herpes outbreak faster, both for sores on the genitals and the lips? Honey!

And while Acyclovir caused itching in some subjects, no subject noticed these effects when using honey.

What’s more, the study also showed that honey was better in minimizing pain and crusting on the skin, compared to Acyclovir cream.

The kind of honey that we recommend is raw Manuka honey, which tends to have the best medical properties, much better than the highly-processed honeys that are most widely used. Raw Manuka honey is more expensive and difficult to come by, but still cost-effective when compared with conventional treatments.

How To Use Honey & Hypnosis For Herpes

When you use honey to treat herpes, your goal is to keep the area covered in honey as constantly as possible. So you simply apply honey to the wound or sore, in a thin layer (raw manuka honey is semifluid, so it won’t be too runny). And then repeat that several times a day, so that the sore is covered with the honey for as long as possible.

When you apply the honey, imagine the healing powers of the honey, visualize how it makes your sores go away, intensify the soothing feeling in your mind. This is a simple hypnotic visualization technique . Imagine it as a golden healing substance. Honey works whether you do this or not, but using this simple hypnotic imagination exercise will amplify the effect even more.

Hypnosis Works On A Subconscious Level

There is a strong emotional and psychological element to herpes outbreaks. Much of this happens on a subconscious level.

When you are deeply relaxed and calm, unconflicted on an emotional level and taking good care of yourself, herpes outbreaks are very unlikely.

Can hypnosis cure herpes? Probably not. We don’t know of any cure for herpes. But it can help to prevent herpes outbreaks, and minimize their severeness when they happen.

Stress is one of the most common triggers of a herpes outbreak, and hypnosis is very effective at eradicating and minimizing stress, helping you to handle stressful situations much better and remain calm and relaxed even with the same demands that you’re faced with in your daily life already.

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