Cancer Phobia Hypnosis

It’s true that cancer is a scary disease – and a real risk. And it’s good if you are taking care of your health in order to minimize the risk of cancer. But if you are always afraid of getting cancer, then that’s not helping at all – in fact, the emotional stress that being afraid of cancer causes can suppress your immune activity and increase your risk. That’s why cancer phobia hypnosis can be an important element in overcoming cancer anxiety and live a more healthy and relaxed life.

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Studies have shown that most people are more scared of cancer than the medical evidence says we need to be – and this very fear can have a substantial negative impact on your health. The chronic stress it causes raises your blood pressure and contributes to heart disease. And it weakens our immune system – the very thing that protects your body from getting cancer!

A fear of getting cancer is not completely irrational.  A 2012 study ((Global cancer transitions according to the Human Development Index (2008–2030): a population-based study The Lancet Oncology, Freddie Bray, Ahmedin Jemal, Nathan Grey, Jacques Ferlay, David Forman)) has shown that the number of cancer cases worldwide could go up 75% by 2030!

If you often watch TV programs about cancer, browse the web on the subject and read articles about it, then your cancer fears will grow even more.

Let’s look at some important facts:

The U.S. National Institutes of Health spend about four times as much on cancer research as on heart disease research. But heart disease kills more people than cancer every year! That means statistically, you have a higher risk of dying of hearth disease than of cancer. But why are you so much more scared about cancer?

One explanation for that could be that given by Dr. George Crile in 1955. He states that the people in charge of public health education have chosen to utilize fear to teach people about the risks of cancer, and this has continued and escalated until present day.

It is possible that today, in terms of the total number of people affected, fear of cancer is causing more suffering than cancer itself. This fear leads both doctors and patients to do unreasonable and therefore dangerous things.
– Dr. George Crile, 1955

Adding to that comes that media reports about cancer often use fear to get more eyeballs.

But there is something innately frightening about cancer. It seems to be something that “gets us”, something we can’t do anything about.

But this is a false public perception: medical evidence shows that 10-15% of all cancers are environmentally/genetically caused, whereas the large majority (85-90% of all cancers) are caused because of lifestyle choices, mainly diet and exercises.

One problem might be that there are prominent cases of athletes who battle with cancer: think Lance Armstrong. “If even the world’s best athletes can get cancer… well, then obviously exercise isn’t helping either!” That’s how many people think about the subject.

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It does you no good to worry about cancer.

Fear of Breast Cancer

This is quite widespread? One of the reasons for that is that it’s one of the most likely forms of cancer to affect women. Another reason is that there has been a lot of media reporting and public health campaigns to raise awareness – and this is of course good for prevention, but for some people it is just too much.

Doctors at Darthmouth said that 25% of mammographically detected breast cancers are overdiagnosed. That means the cancer never progresses or even regresses by itself, or it is progressing so slowly that the patient will die of other causes before the cancer becomes symptomatic.

Unfortunately, these 25% of overdiagnosed cancer patients undergo invasive cancer treatments which cause more harm to their health than it benefits them.

Fear of Prostate Cancer

Breast cancer is not the only kind of cancer where overdiagnosis is common. In fact, 60% of prostate-specific antigen–detected prostate cancers are overdiagnosed! And just as in the case of breast cancer the cancer treatments cause more harm than good in these cases.

The cancer fear hypnosis download is guaranteed to help you overcome your fear of cancer. You can download it directly, listen to it whenever and wherever you want. But for best results we recommend that you listen to it daily before going to sleep for a period of 6 weeks. Since it aides in relaxation it also helps you to fall asleep more comfortably and the positive hypnotic suggestions enter your subconscious mind at just the right time to work effectively while you sleep and dream.

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A personal story about cancer fears from Bob:

I once went out with friends to eat hamburger. And one of my friends just didn’t order anything, and after a while he said: “Well, I’m always thinking I’m getting cancer if I eat highly processed foods.” 

Now there surely is something to the idea that a fast-food based diet isn’t good for your health – but to the point that you’re scared of eating fast food at all? That’s a bit over the top. In fact, the constant worrying is probably more detrimental to your health than occasionally enjoying a burger.

He actually agreed with it and confessed he wanted to know how to overcome the fear of getting cancer.

I worked with him using hypnotic suggestions. After the first session he reported being more relaxed, but he had doubts whether it would really help him to overcome the fear. I replied it was ok, and we continued over the course of several weeks during which his cancer fears gradually subsided. About 2 or 3 months later he actually went to the same burger joint with us again, and this time he enjoyed his unhealthy meal with friends and was making jokes. He did stop the fear of getting cancer through the power of his subconscious mind.

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