Can’t Get Out Of Bed In The Morning?

This is part 2 – if you haven’t done so, please read part 1 one first. Part 1: How To Wake Up.

We’ve already covered how humming and listening to music can help you when you can’t get out of bed in the morning. Let’s look at other ways to get you going in the morning.

Get Out Of Bed Easily!

Get Good Sleep

Another reason why you might have difficulty getting up in the morning is simply the quality of your sleep at night – if your body doesn’t get the sleep it needs, it will try to prevent you from waking up.

If you’re suffering from insomnia, the best way is to get good quality sleep first.


I realize that this might seem ridiculous to someone who already has trouble getting out of bed in the morning. But if you can find a way to exercise in the morning, it will quickly eradicate morning grogginess. Just get your heart pumping fast for 10 minutes straight, break a sweat – it will really reset your system. You don’t need any fancy exercise equipment, you can just do jumping jacks or pushups or kicks into the air.

Smooth Start

If mornings are always chaotic and challenging, that isn’t exactly the kind of thing to look forward to. You want to have a smooth start in the day, a morning where you don’t need to make a lot of deliberate choices.

So one thing you can do to make your morning easier is to pick the clothes you will wear the night before and lay them out already. That way, when you’re getting up you don’t need to think about clothes and this and that – it’s already there, just grab it and put it on.

Get Out Of Bed Easily!

The same applies to everything: there are so many routine tasks we do in the morning, try to “automate” them as much as possible, prepare them the day before so that it’s really easy.

Have A Plan

This kind of fits into the “smooth start” – know what you’ll be doing today. Being spontaneous is great and can be fun, but having to decide what you’ll do can be challenging too, and it can drain you of mental resources. It’s good to have a plan so you can just do things instead of thinking about what to do next.

The Smell Of Coffee

If you love to drink coffee, and you can’t get out of bed in the morning… how about the smell of fresh coffee? Now you might argue that you’d actually have to get up in the morning to make coffee before you can be lured out of bed by the smell of it. But only if you don’t have one of these nice automatic coffee machines which you can program. Just put in the coffee and water, set the time when you want the machine to start brewing and wake up with the scent of coffee.

Get Out Of Bed Easily!