Can’t Stop Worrying?

Can’t stop worrying? In the next few minutes you’ll learn how you can quit obsessive worrying and get rid of all those paralyzing thoughts that could otherwise turn you into a nervous wreck.

As long as worries keep popping into your brain you can’t really have a happy life and feel full of energy.

Worrying is normal to some degree – almost everybody does it occasionally. But you’re stuck in a vicious circle of chronic worrying then you’re drowning your well-being in emotional stress.

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But worrying is not a completely negative thing – in fact, in some cases worrying can serve positive purposes. So our goal is not to completely eradicate your ability to worry, but instead to give you control over your own mind.

How exactly can worrying be positive?

For example, when you worry it can:

  • protect you from harm
  • prepare you for the worst
  • make you pay more attention to details and be more thorough
  • help you plan ahead.
  • worrying temporarily reliefs anxiety (studies have actually confirmed this – the mental rumination distracts you from anxious emotions, but it’s nothing more than a distraction)
  • prevent you from making stupid mistakes.

So far so good – your subconscious mind already knows about the benefits of worrying. But there’s a cost to worrying too. It can cause a distracted mind, can make you feel constantly anxious and stressed, drain your emotional energy, cause you sleepless nights…

… and in some cases it can turn into the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to do: instead of protecting you, worries can harm you too.

If for example you’re driving a car, and you’re so worried about losing your job that you get distracted from the road and get into an accident…

… or if you’re so concerned about your son’s upcoming vaccination that you fail to notice he’s playing with washing detergent…

… or if you’re so worried about how you’ll perform at a job interview that you’re brain just freezes and you fail to make a good impression…

… and I’m quite sure you can think of a bunch of examples from your own life as well if you take a couple of minutes to think about it.

If you feel you can’t stop worrying, one of the things you can ask yourself is this:

The issue that I’m worrying about right now – is it something that I could actually solve if I’m faced with it? Or is it something out of my control?

For example, if you’re worried that a disaster (earthquake, assault, tornado, meteorite strike, terrorist attack, being poisoned, your child being hit by a car, one day in the future getting cancer…) might strike… well, that’s not really something you have any control about.

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These are unproductive worries. The only reason why you’re engaging in them is that they (paradoxically) make you feel safer while you’re mentally engaged in the act of worrying. When you predict something, it feel more safe than when there’s uncertainty. But underneath it, there’s still that anxiety building up from all those worst-case scenarios floating through your mind. And it doesn’t help to just suppress these anxious thoughts.

Worrying ≠ Preparation

Dwelling on worst-case scenarios doesn’t help you to come up with possible solutions. Worrying is not the same as preparing. When you prepare or solve problems, you think through things in a clear and structured way, without your rational judgement being clouded by strong emotions of fear or anxiety.

And if you can’t stop worrying, then here’s an important fact you should consider: the world is not as dangerous as you think it is.

Think about all the things you’ve worried about in the past two weeks, or in the last year. How many have actually come true? How often have you wasted your time worrying about something that never happened?

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” – Mark Twain

These out-of-control worries simply cause you too much mental distress and take up to much precious time. After all, life really is short. And each moment is way to valuable to squander it on unrelenting doubts.

But why is it so difficult to stop worrying?

Because worrying is a mental process that’s driven by subconscious thoughts – it’s something that happens automatically in your head. That’s why this self hypnosis download works so well – it directly deals with your subconsciousness to give you peace of mind.

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