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Can chronic pain hypnosis help you? How much pain relief can you realistically expect? Does hypnosis for chronic pain really work? If so, how to get the best results? These are some of the questions we’re going to cover in this article. chronicpainhypnosis

If you go to a pain management clinic, what most of them do is ultimately that they push pain medication. And that’s really not enough. Yes, they might be able to adjust your medication a bit more effectively than what you’re currently doing, but in the long run the difference that will make simply isn’t substantial enough.

What’s more, the thing that often happens with chronic pain sufferers who get prescribed medication is that there are diminishing returns. The more pain killers you take, the more you need.

Don’t believe in hypnosis?

But what if you don’t believe in hypnosis? That’s fine. I’m not asking you to believe, I’m just asking you to try it and see what happens with your pain.

How Does It Work

One of the first things that you’ll notice when you listen to this self hypnosis download against chronic pain is that you’ll simply become more relaxed, that stress and tension leave your body.

You see, one of the things that happen when someone suffers from chronic pain is that their bodies respond to the pain signals.

How does the body respond?

By protecting the hurting areas.

How does the body protect these areas? By tensening up the muscles. It’s subconsciously connected – the pain signal of sensory nerve fibers causes the activation of motor nerve fibers that flex the muscles. This tension can become chronic, inhibit the range of motion and become a source of pain itself.

hypnosis downloadChronic Pain Hypnosis Download

So when your body begins to profoundly relax while you’re listening to the audio hypnosis, your mind will also become more suggestible and capable of reducing the perception of pain via hypnotic suggestions.

Active Participation

One thing you need to understand about hypnosis for chronic pain is that you need to actively participate. It’s not just sitting there passively and letting hypnotic suggestions flow inside your ears.

This is where the paradigm between conventional pain management by medication and hypnotic pain management differ drastically. In conventional pain management, you’re mostly a passive recipient of the pain medication they give you. With hypnosis however, you’ll be proactive about healing yourself and reducing your pain.

If you get involved in your own healing, by actually focusing on the voice of the hypnotist, you can get so much more out of it. Use your imagination to learn to be in control of your pain.

Now sometimes people who are in pain have a hard time focusing. But the good thing about this hypnosis download is that it works progressively – so that even if the pain prevents you from focusing, it brings you step by step to a place where you are relaxed enough to concentrate.

Daily Practice

If you think that listening to a hypnosis session once will be enough to get rid of your chronic pain, then please adjust your expectations, because that’s not the way it usually works. Think of it as a daily practice – something that you do habitually to be pain-free.

You see, when you take pain medication, you need to take it regularly. And when you use hypnosis to deal with chronic pain, you need to practice hypnosis on a daily basis as well. However, there is a substantial difference:

With pain medication there are diminishing returns. The more pain killers you use, the less effective they become. With hypnosis on the other hand, the more you practice it the more effective it gets, and the better you get at reducing your pain.

How to use hypnosis for chronic pain?

Hypnosis is really just a tool to influence your subconscious mind. And the thing with tools is: if you don’t use them, they don’t help.

The best way to use this download is to listen to it before you go to sleep, or while you are experiencing actual pain. However, you should be in a quiet environment, free from distractions, and under no circumstances should you be listening to hypnosis while driving a car or operating machinery.

This will train your mind to manage chronic pain and become better at managing chronic pain, and interpreting pain signals in a different way.

hypnosis downloadChronic Pain Hypnosis Download

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