Condom Collapse Syndrome

Condom collapse syndrome (CCS) is actually quite common among men – even when your penis is hard and strong normally, when you put a condom on it quickly gets soft and the erection fades. In this article you will learn more about the causes of CCS and what you can do to get over it.

No More Condom Collapse Syndrome

You might be wondering why your penis is going soft when you put on a condom. One simple reason is that a condom – no matter what the advertisements say – always reduces the sensory stimulation. There is no way around that, and there is no super-surface that can make a condom “invisible” (or imperceivable as far as your sense of touch is concerned).

Just Do It Without Condom?

As the old saying goes: don’t be a ding-dong cover you shling- shlong. There are plenty of reasons why it’s worth to put up with the trouble of a condom. And fortunately most of that trouble is actually created in your head. And with a bit of mental training and some very simple exercises you can learn to enjoy sex with a condom just as much as without. And you (and your partner) can enjoy a hard, strong, full erection – safely wrapped in rubber.

There are some guys who use this as an argument for unprotected sex: “I get soft when I put a condom on.” But even if you put the risk of unwanted pregnancy aside, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is very real and not worth taking.

How To Stay Erect With A Condom?

The first step is to use thinner condoms – yes, they cost more, but there is a real difference to the cheap, thick condoms that are widely available. But in most cases, that alone won’t be enough.

Some “experts” recommend to simply let the partner put on the condom for you. The reasoning behind this argument is that putting on a condom puts mental stress on you, which kills your sexual arousal. While it’s true that stress is an antidote to sexual arousal, for most men the “emotional stress” of putting on a condom isn’t so big that makes them “go soft”. But if you haven’t tried that yet, just try it next time – that would be the simplest solution.

Overcome Condom Collapse Syndrome

But if you’re still losing your erection with a condom, then you need to do a bit more than that. To counter the loss of sensation when putting on a condom, practice heightening your sense of touch down there. One way to do this is to wear a condom when you masturbate too, and only masturbate with a condom on. This way you can “train” your penis to “feel through the latex”.

It’s important that when you try this and your penis goes limp, don’t act angry of frustrated or try vigorously to force it. Stress or pressure isn’t helping. Just stay relaxed, take your time, see if it works this time, and if not, try again another time. No big deal, you’re practicing by yourself to get better at it, and to get better you don’t need to be perfect from the start.

If you’ve had past experiences with condom collapse syndrome, then it’s very likely that you’ve subconsciously anchored putting on condoms with going limp – like a conditioned stimulus-response reaction.

It’s important that you break this subconscious association, because otherwise it will undermine all your efforts.

Hypnosis can help you to easily make him stand up and stay strong, to keep hard erections even when wrapped inside a condom.

These hypnosis downloads for enhanced sexual performance will give you rock-hard erections. Simply listen to the hypnotic MP3s daily for a couple of weeks to reprogram your mind to easily engage in the natural sex response.

Remember: don’t be silly wrap you willy.

No More Condom Collapse Syndrome

2 thoughts on “Condom Collapse Syndrome”

  1. i had this problem, but now i am using some extrathin condoms. you still feel the difference but they are much more real to the touch and dont take away all the sensitivity.

  2. Hi Eddy,
    yes, for mild cases of condom collapse syndrome this is a good solution. I assume the people who come here have already tried extra sensitive condoms and still have this problem, and then hypnosis and training your pelvic muscles are the best way to stay erect even when wearing normal condoms.
    Stay strong 😉

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