Coping With The Death of A Child

Sage Stallone, the oldest son of Sylvester Stallone has died, and when I read that it reminded me when friends of mine lost their son. Losing a child is probably the hardest thing you can experience. How do you deal with that? How do you cope with that kind of grief?

There are no easy answers. There are no shortcuts. There is no way of escaping the pain.

And you will be emotionally scarred for the rest of your life.

Nothing will ever fill that hole in your heart.

But life goes on. The world keeps spinning around.

And one needs to find ways to cope, and get on.

This hypnosis download won’t make the pain go away.

But it will help to make you stronger, it will make coping a bit easier, it will help to put the healing back in grieving. Click here…