Dealing With Insecurity

Do you doubt yourself? Do you often feel insecure? Does it hinder you from being the person you could be? Does your insecurity limit you, prevent you from fulfilling your true potential? If so, please take the time to read this this advice for dealing with insecurity.

 Deal With Insecurity Now!

Insecurity can manifest itself in many areas of life, but most commonly it’s about being socially insecure, self doubts, and worries about how others think about you.

Insecurity can also make you belief that you’re not capable of achieving something – and thus you don’t even attempt to do things. I know a woman who has a masters degree of business administration, but is so insecure that she didn’t apply for jobs which are appropriate for her qualifications. In fact, she’s working as a low-paid, easily replaceable assembly worker in a computer chip factory. I find this saddening, because not only does she have an MBA, but she also has a natural talent for dealing with people – a combination that would easily make her a desirable job candidate for a middle management position.

Don’t be like that woman. Don’t be afraid to show up and play.

Yes, we all know that dealing with insecurity is difficult. But it’s still a lot better to face this challenge, rather than to live a life of wasted opportunities.

So what can you do when you feel insecure? Here a couple of simple things:


When you’re feeling insecure, in exactly that moment, take some slow, relaxed, deep breathes and enjoy the flow of fresh air and oxygen into your body, and the flow of used air and carbon dioxide out of your body.

 Deal With Insecurity Now!

Think about it: breathing is a very simple and secure act. You’ve done it all your life, no matter what. Your breath is always with you – and that can in fact be quiet reassuring.

Be Aware

Simply be present in the here and now, and totally aware of your body sensations and your immediate surroundings, the sounds from without your body and the sounds from your environment. And with each breath, allow yourself to enjoy the warm sensation of relaxation spreading throughout more parts of your body.

Reflect On Insecurity

If you think about it – insecurity is the very nature of life. There are no guarantees. The only constant in life really is that everything can change at any time. And you could feel frightened about this. But you also could look at this fact and realize that this is what makes life great: opportunity. Taking chances we think that are worth taking.

In social situations, that means: speaking up to share your ideas or opinions, even if you don’t know how other people might react. It means smiling at the other person, even if you don’t know how that person will react.

The Onion of Insecurity

Realize also that there is no way to never feel insecure again. Insecurity is part of life, and yes, it is part of everybody’s life. Even usually secure and confident people do sometimes experience insecurity, and some of the world’s most outstanding high-achievers have struggled with insecurity for many years of their lifes. That’s normal and part of a healthy state of mind.

Dealing with insecurity is kind of like peeling an onion: there are many layers to it, and the more layers you shed, the more close you get to the core of true confidence. So if you use hypnosis against emotional insecurity, or if you do some exercise against insecurity, and at some point later you feel insecure again, don’t throw in the towel: overcoming insecurity is a marathon, not a sprint.

Each step you take brings you closer to the goal of total confidence.

 Deal With Insecurity Now!