Like I already said on my About page – I’m not a medically licensed therapist, I’m not a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist. I’m just someone who has a vast interest in hypnosis and the power of the subconscious mind and who enjoys to share this interest with others.

If you suffer from psychological or physiological problems please do seek professional attention – I believe that the advice which I share with you on my website is helpful and correct. And at the same time I acknowledge the possibility that I can make mistakes. So don’t believe everything I say – simply view my recommendations and tips as an opinion, or viewpoint to consider among several choices and then make your own decision.

In order to partly offset the effort, time and money I invest in the upkeep and development of this site, I also use affiliate links when recommending products. That means if I tell you that the Ericksonian hypnotherapy downloads are awesome, and you click on that link and buy one, I get a commission. However, I make sure not to let this financial interest interfere with my integrity, and you can be sure that I only recommend what I belief to be the best choice.

If in doubt, you can always contact me.