Drink Less Wine Hypnosis

Drinking wine can be a very enjoyable experience, whether you’re having a glass of Pinot Grigio at a cocktail party or Champagne at a wedding. Not to mention putting your feet up after a long hard day and unwinding with a drink.

drink less wine hypnosis

However, when it comes to your habits with wine, moderation is often key.

Understand The Situation

You might think that you already understand the situation: you’re simply drinking too much wine!


But I ask you to go a step further and almost try to be like a detective who wants to know every little fact about your wine drinking habits.

If you’re trying to drink less wine, the first thing you should do is keep track of it. Make a note of when you buy a bottle and when it is emptied. Keep track of how many glasses you have while dining out, clubbing or visiting with friends too. Don’t allow for any exceptions.

In order to really understand your habit, you need to know everything about it.

What Else Helps You Relax?

The next thing on your to-do list should be to find another way to relax. No, it won’t be easy, as few things calm you both physically and mentally as wine, but it’s necessary.

Can you enjoy a hot bath or long phone call with a friend? There are many things which can help you to release tension and take a load off.

Maybe exercise would help to alleviate all the stress you’re feeling from the day, and you wouldn’t mind a long walk or jog.

Mental Programming

It’s crucial that you prepare yourself to drink less wine by not looking forward to it so much. If you keep telling yourself how much you want it, you will only convince yourself that you must have it or otherwise be preoccupied with thoughts of it.

Don’t set yourself up for the next glass, but set yourself on an entirely different course instead.

Hypnotism is an excellent way to program your mind to be more drink less.

Don’t Invite Temptation Into Your Home

If you’ve convinced yourself that you must drink less wine due to perhaps a tendency to over-indulge, avoid bringing it into your home altogether. Particularly if you live alone or have frequent opportunities to partake of a glass or two by yourself, the temptation may prove irresistible.

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It’s always a good test of your will-power to be able to go without wine for a few days anyway. It can also be good for your health.

Slow Down

If, on the other hand you’re more concerned with simply reducing the quantity of wine you consume, try slowing down with every glass. Fast drinking can leave you without your wits about you fairly quickly, so limit the total amount by reducing your rate of consumption.

Don’t give yourself permission to lean on drinking, no matter what is motivating you to control your habit.

As an example, we often say “I need a drink” following something upsetting or stressful.

That’s simply allowing yourself to use the alcohol as a solution to how you’re feeling.

What you need is not a drink. What you need is to calm down and clear your mind, and there are much better ways of achieving that than a glass of wine.

Engage Friends

Another way to drink less might be to ask a friend to help monitor you. At first you may feel too scrutinized or even judged, but their opinions and observations can go a long way in helping you understand if you are acting in your own best interests.

Moderation with wine shouldn’t be seen as punishment or restrictive. It’s simply a good way of keeping yourself in check and in balance.

hypnosis downloadDrink Less Wine Hypnosis Download