Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Downloads

Ericksonian hypnosis downloads

Dr. Milton H. Erickson was probably one of the greatest hypnotherapists of all times. One of the reasons might be because he naturally discovered the power of hypnotic suggestions and altered states of consciousness when he was severely ill at a very young age. And if you use these Ericksonian hypnosis downloads then there is a real chance that the changes you want to make in your life will appear – with a little help from your subconscious mind 😉

There are different kinds of hypnosis – the traditional and old style of hypnosis is authoritative hypnosis, where a dominant hypnotist will try to force your mind to give in and give you direct commands like: “You get sleepy. You fall asleep now!” It’s an attempt to control the hypnotic subject.

This kind of hypnosis works with some people who respond good to authority – but for most people that doesn’t work, and can in fact be annoying and off-putting.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy downloads work differently, and are based on a very different paradigm. Traditional hypnosis is about the hypnotist controlling you. In Ericksonian hypnosis the paradigm is that being controlled by someone else isn’t the solution, but part of the problem. Milton H. Erickson believed that every person who came to him already had the solution within themselves for the problem they were facing – and this shaped his method of hypnotism deeply.

In Ericksonian hypnosis you get hypnotic suggestions, invitations, proposals and indirect instruction. How you chose to respond to these is up to you – however, they are crafted in a specific way so that the desired outcome get’s achieved. Instead of trying to overcome hypnotic resistance, Ericksonian hypnosis works by not letting any resistance build up in the first place.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy is often like listening to a story – you don’t even notice that you’re being hypnotized, your thoughts just begin to drift off in one direction or another, kind of like when you’re daydreaming.

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How do you get the most benefit from these Ericksonian hypnotherapy downloads?

The most important thing is that you can relax and focus. Make sure that you will not be disturbed or interrupted while listening to the hypnosis audio. Also, don’t do anything else while listening. I’ve had people who were surfing the web or chatting while listening to the hypnosis session, and that’s a really bad idea. And never ever listen to them while operating machinery or driving a car, or any other activity where there is a risk of accidents.

Then make sure you’re comfortable – the room temperature should be pleasant. You can sit or lay down.

How often should I listen to them?

Ideally every day, but at least three times a day for the first three to six weeks for optimal effectiveness.

What’s the best time to listen to them?

The best time of the day is right before you go to sleep. Because the hypnotic suggestions that your mind receives will then be processed in your sleep by your subconscious mind, and sometimes even become part of your dreams. This way, you allow them to really help you and work deeply and intensely, and you open yourself up to the greatest potential for learning and positive change.

How long is one hypnosis audio?

That depends on the recording, but on average between 15 to 30 minutes.

More Questions?

If you have further questions, just use the comment section below to ask 🙂

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