Fear of Talking On The Phone

If you have a fear of talking on the phone it can affect many areas of your life. It’s just part of our lives – so much communication goes on over the phone.

Stop Phone Fear Now!

Maybe you are generally scared of talking on the phone, or maybe you have a specific phone phobia that gets triggered only in certain phone conversations or circumstances. But in the end, the fear always revolves about talking on the phone. You might be afraid to make a phone call or answer the phone – and both can really limit your personal and professional life.

It can also be embarrassing, because after all… it’s “just” a phone. There’s nothing really threatening about it. Almost everybody can comfortably talk on the phone. So a telephone phobia seems even more “weird” than being afraid of elevators or dentists.

Causes of Phone Phobia

There are many possible reasons why you’re afraid of the phone. Maybe you had a traumatic experience one in your life while you were talking on the phone.

Maybe you went through a period in your life where you were stressed out and anxious and talking a lot on the phone.

But the truth is: sometimes our brains just create a random association between talking on the phone and anxiety. And once this association is established, it can spiral into fear or develop into a full blown phone phobia.

I know a guy – let’s call him Steve, even though that’s not his real name, who was told on a phone call that they’d “let him go” – this came very unexpected for him, there was no previous announcement, and the way it was relayed to him wasn’t exactly sensitive. He received the phone call completely out of the blue on a weekend when he was spending time with his family. Of course the phone wasn’t at fault – but his brain made this connection: phone rings -> answer -> something terrible happens.

Stop Phone Fear Now!

This is an example how sometimes, despite all the rational reasons we have to not develop a fear of talking on the phone – as soon as our instinctive brain system takes over, it can thwart all logical thinking.

The fear of calling someone is actually quite common with people who worked in telemarketing – when their job was all about calling people up and trying to sell them something.

How To Get Over Phone Fear?

You could go and see a qualified therapist. They will probably use Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – and that’s something that can help. But it’s also very expensive and time-intensive – you’ll need to visit a therapists over the course of several weeks. And good luck with trying to get your phone phobia covered by medical insurance… :-/

It’s also important that you act as soon as possible. The longer you delay taking action to overcome your phone phobia, the worse it will get. It’s natural to avoid things that cause us to be afraid – but the more often we engage in that avoidance behavior, the more difficult it will be to change.

The best way is to actually start calling people. But start with the easiest call possible. Call someone who you are very comfortable talking with, or if you don’t want to practice talking on the phone with friends you could just call up some service hotline or information service to have a short phone conversation. This could even be the customer support hotline of your phone company or something like that to inquire about different pricing plans, or whatever.

Hypnosis can help you to overcome your phone phobia faster because it helps you to relax – and stay relaxed – when talking on the phone. Imagine being able to talk on the phone completely free from anxious tension and fear – it’s a much better way to think about it, and this self hypnosis audio can help you to get there faster.

Stop Phone Fear Now!