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This is another article on hypnosis that a friend of mine wrote for you. He talks about his experience how hypnosis can help to find lost items – in this case it was his keys. But read for yourself…

I believe in Hypnosis! I’ve only had one experience personally. My Grandmother used to practice it on her patients so she used it on me over the telephone and it worked. One day, after losing my car keys twice that week, she said let me try hypnosis on you so you can find them.

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I was hesitant at first but desperate so gave it a try. She asked me to go to a quiet place and lie down. I went into my bedroom and laid on my bed. She started using a very relaxing, soothing voice and started asking me questions like “when do you remember last seeing your keys”, I told her.

She had me remember every single detail of the last time I physically had my keys in my hand which was two days prior to this hypnosis. I was actually moving at the time and had to put half my house in a storage unit so I rented a moving truck. The last time I could remember having my keys in my hands were when I placed them in the back of the moving truck so I could walk down to check my mail. My Brother was over and shortly after placing them in the back of the truck he returned the rental moving truck for me. To make a long story rather short, the keys were at the rental truck agency.

I was amazed that my Grandmother could help me to remember with hypnosis and believe it really works. It’s amazing how it works! I believe it works because as the person who is hypnotizing you is talking, with their soothing voice and if you truly want it to work you have to believe in it because you need to get yourself to a point where you actually go back to that day and recall details without even thinking about them, they just start replaying in your mind without even thinking.

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When she was talking to me I wasn’t even aware I was laying in my bed and the phone was up to my ear. I really felt like I was back standing in my driveway with the moving truck in front of me and my Brother and I were trying to plan out who was taking the truck back. I could so easily remember I laid the keys on the edge of the back of the truck so I could grab the mail from my mailbox. As soon as I remembered that much I stopped right there, woke up and told my Grandma “oh my gosh, let me call the moving rental truck agency”.

I was that certain and positive that’s where my keys were and sure enough… they were there! I will certainly consider having it done again if need be. My Grandmother uses it in her line of work to get people to get over things from their past and move on to the future. She said there is a way to replay bad things and make them better so that the patient actually believes it never happened.

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13 thoughts on “Access Lost Memories With Hypnosis”

  1. Its sounds like a funny experience! Do you recommend hypnosis for a person with almost no memory and really what to know what happen in the past? Though I bet its not nice memories but I still want to know what happen.

  2. Hi Akiya,

    thanks for your question. It is important that you get in a comfortable, relaxed and DISASSOCIATED state before you access these memories again.
    This will help you to recall the experiences without having to experience the emotions again.
    I also talk more about this in the hypnosis secrets course (you can sign up free by putting your email into the field in the upper right corner of the website). If you don’t get it already, I suggest you do so now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kind regards,

  3. hi ,i am looking for and envelope with receipts and cash in it, i need to find it because it belongs to work !. I vaguely remember putting it in the petty cash box, because a staff member prompted me to do so. The manager who was absent from work for several weeks has asked where the envelope is and i said i put it in the box. she said she checked with the office and it is not there !. i said i can not be one hundred percent sure that i put it in ? i have started to doubt myself because it was 4 weeks ago. how can i be sure i definately put it in.? as time goes on i am sure i did. hope you can help.

  4. Hi there,
    It seems your pretty glad for your grandmothers help, i would very much be glad as well. I recently lost two important items in my life, the last photo’s ever taken of my recently passed grandmother and also photos of the first time my fiance and I met are on a 16gb flashdrive, and i’ve been going crazy for a few months to find it, because I don’t have these photos anywhere else, and it broke our family to know that the last photos I have of her are gone. I also recently lost the necklace my fiance gave me with my engagement ring, and I’ve been pretty down since then.
    Does hypnosis always work? because I would very much like to find someone that could help me by using hypnosis to recover these items.

  5. Hi Noura,
    I understand it’s painful not to be able to find something of such high emotional value.
    To answer your question: hypnosis doesn’t always work. There aren’t any guarantees, but if you are willing to make it work, chances are pretty good. In your case, I would just give it a try. If the hypnosis recordings don’t help you to locate the flashdrive and the necklace, you can even get a refund.
    Kind regards,

  6. I need help remembering some things that happened in my past. Which of your downloads do you suggest? Thanks!

  7. i never been hyponistized before so i am not sure if it even works. but i want to see if this does im a desperate messaures . i am a 25 yr old mom and i have a short term memory loss . it seems my memory is getting worse i cant even remember what i wore the day before yesterday. and i cant rememebr any general education that i learned in school. i cant even remember my basic math i have been like this since i was a child i has teachers help me when i was in shcool and i forget the next day how to do it. . i really cant get a job or do anything in my life. its really frustrating and hard on me. i have a two year daughter. and i cant can even get a job to help support her. i dont want to be this person anymore. i want to remember everything. to be able to learn fast. so i can be a normal person and a mom who can take of her child by having a job or a college that i can pass from a educational test. if you have something that will hyponis me to learn everything and help me become smart. please help me. thank you for your time.

  8. Hello, I have lost my car/house kekys and am losing my mind trying to find them. Iit was last Wednesday, 3-21-12. I remember unlocking the door to my house and turning off the alarm with my key fob. I remember carrying them with me and laid them on my counter near my stove. I don’t remember anything else? Since I don’t remember what happened next, will hypnosis help me locate the keys? I have made an appoint with a hypnosis in my city but don’t want to have to spend the 120.00 will cost to go thru the hypnosis and still not be able to find my keys. Can hypnosis help you even if you don’t remember what happened? I am so distressed. Thank you for your time.

  9. Hi Robin,
    thanks for stopping by. Yes, hypnosis can help you to find your car/house keys, but it also depends on the hypnotist. As in any profession, there are good ones, mediocre ones and incompetent ones. Unfortunately nobody can guarantee you that that particular hypnotist will help you to remember where you put your keys, so it definitely would be a high risk if you’d lost them. Why not try a hypnosis download to locate your keys first? It’s a lot more affordable and comes with a money back guarantee – if it doesn’t work for you, it’s free.
    Hope you find your keys – and more importantly: your peace of mind – soon,

  10. Hello. I’ve looked into hypnosis for a little while, but nothing really explains how to do it correctly. I want to use it on my cousin Christian to help him remember where he left his iPod, but I don’t know how to. Is there a program or something that could teach me about hypnosis for free?

  11. Hi Celi,
    you can sign up for the free hypnosis course, just put your email address in the field in the upper right corner of this page ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kind regards,

  12. hi. just wondering if hynosis can help me recall an event. the event happened so quickly so cant be sure of everything. can hynosis help me to remember the event and all detail of it. as i am not 100% sure if what i saw was what i saw if you know what i mean of if my mind had made things up or left key things out.

  13. Hi Angel,
    that’s a really thin line to walk with hypnosis. The thing is that in general, on a neurological level, our brain doesn’t differentiate between the actual memory and our recall of a memory. So the more often or vivid you recall an event and add something to it (even subconsciously) or leave out something (also even subconsciously), the false recall of the memory will be what your brain remembers to be the actual event. It’s kind of like a game of telephone, where a message is whispered in the ear of one person, and then on and on, and what comes out at the end can be a very different thing. I just recently read an article in the Journal of Neuroscience about this phenomenon.
    Considering the heightened imaginative powers and vividness people experience during hypnosis, in a case like this, I would NOT suggest that you use hypnosis to try to verify whether a blurry memory is correct or not.

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