I Can’t Stop Binge Eating

Here is a story from a woman who had a binge eating problem. I asked her to write down what went through her mind when she thought about binge eating, and I didn’t expect this to be her response. If you have a binge eating problem, I encourage you to read this, because to “write yourself out” like this is a good first step to be able to deal with compulsive eating.

Stop Binge Eating With Hypnosis

I can’t stop binge eating. Although many people have eating disorders, there is still a lot of stigma associated with them, and binge eating is at the top of the list.

I am not thin or in danger of dying from the complications of undereating like an anorexic, and I am not ruining my teeth, mouth and esophagus like a bulimic, but I am harming myself.

Having a binge eating problem is embarrassing and has many effects on my physical and mental health.

First of all, I have trouble staying away from food. Like most binge eaters, my binging embarrasses me, but I still have trouble staying away from food in public. At the fast food drive thru, I don’t just ask for the large size value meal, I ask for two of them. I hope they think I have someone I am taking food to at home.

At a buffet, I just can’t stop. At a party, you’ll find me hovering near the food table, trying to make it look like I am eating less than I really am.

Not only does this affect my social life, it also affects my pocketbook. Food costs money, and I eat more than my fair share. Next, it affects my physical health.

I am obese. To be even more honest, I am really, really fat. There is no other way to say it. I keep eating, and I keep gaining weight. Now, I really don’t want to gain weight.

I want to lose weight and be thin. I hate not being able to find attractive clothing in my size, but the food calls. It is a compulsion.

It fills me up and makes me feel safe.

I need the food to stay sane.

I don’t know what I could possibly substitute for the things food gives me. My doctor says I need to lose weight. She doesn’t know about my problem, she doesn’t know I can’t stop binge eating. She does say eat less and exercise. To me, it is not that easy. I can’t quit eating cold turkey, and if I have to eat, I don’t know when to stop.

Perhaps the worst part of the binge eating is how it makes me feel. It is certainly a contradiction, but this is the truth. Food makes me feel safe, and at the same time, it terrifies me. Food is my best friend and also my enemy.

Stop Binge Eating With Hypnosis

When I am eating, it feels so good! The food feels good in my mouth and in my stomach.

It makes me feel warm and taken care of. After I eat, I am consumed by guilt.

I know binge eating is wrong, and I make a commitment to myself not to ever do it again. As the guilt worsens or weakness hits, I do binge again, and the cycle asserts itself.

I eat first thing when I get up in the morning. I eat a lot. I eat when I am out and about. I eat while I do my daily work. I eat on breaks. I eat huge dinners.

I eat non-stop while using the computer and while watching TV. I even keep snacks on my body and eat while attempting to exercise. I eat in the evenings, and I get up in the middle of the night to eat. I am hooked on food, and it is not good.

I know I need help, but the stigma makes it difficult to reach out for support, and so I’m frustrated because I feel I can’t stop binge eating.

Stop Binge Eating With Hypnosis