How Not To Overthink Decisions

If you’re have a hard time making choices, you’re not alone. Because every time when you choose something, you also not choose another thing. And what if that thing that we not choose is the thing that we should be choosing? But thinking about it again and again often will be the worst thing you can do. So how not to overthink decisions?

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Here’s the golden rule to recall whenever you find yourself overthinking a decision:

Delaying a decision is making a bad decision.

Procrastinating because you’re not sure what to do next is almost a guarantee for being stuck in a limbo of indetermination. And you’d be surprised how many years of your life you can waste like that.

Overthinking makes people more prone to depression, emotional problems and even alcoholism, and it is a problem which is particularly widespread amoung younger people. Psychological research has shown that 73% of 25-35 year-olds overthink decisions.

So how to not overthink decisions?

Count To 3 And Choose

Next time when you’re faced with a decision, and you find yourself overthinking, simply do this: count to three and choose.

Yes, that won’t result in the most thought-through decision. You might miss a few details. But since your problem right now is overthinking decisions, making fast and intuitive choices is good practice. There is no guarantee that this will result in better decisions. But it will result in faster decisions. You’re training your “fast decision making muscle”. And that’s what you should focus on for now. Refinement can wait until you’re ready for the next step.

15 Minutes To Decide

Now the count to 3 method is tough. But it makes for good practice. However, not many decisions are best made within 3 seconds.

However, 15 minutes to decide is actually a good guidepost. Set aside 15 minutes for a decision you want to make.

During those 15 minutes, do not think about anything else. Just about this decision.

It’s best to take out pen and paper, or open a document on your computer and write all your thoughts down.

But set a timer first to 15 minutes.

What this does is:

  1. it tells your brain that there is a strict time limit, and that your brain has to process all the information within this time frame
  2. it helps you to get all of these potentially overwhelming thoughts out of your head. By writing them down, you can see them in front of you and work through them step by step.

You’ll be in a much better position to determine what you want. And 15 minutes is actually enough time for most decisions that you need to make in life.

Don’t compromise on yourself. Practice to make the decisions that lead to the outcome you want.

Use Your Subconscious Mind

You can train your subconscious mind to become better at making fast and intuitive decisions, without overthinking them.

Your subconscious mind can process a much larger amount of information than your conscious mind – which is a very helpful ability when it comes to making decisions.

Oftentimes, one of the reasons why people overthink decisions is that they’re procrastinating, because somehow in the back of their mind, something is telling them that they are not giving adequate attention to a particular element of the decision. And that “something” in the back of their mind is their subconscious mind.

With hypnosis you can train your subconscious mind to help you make faster and better decisions.

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