How to be funny? Ask Bill Cosby, today’s birthday “kid”

Bill Cosby is one of the greatest comedians alive. No doubt about that. And while he is most well known for the Bill Cosby show, he also did lots of brilliant stand up performances, like this one called “Dentists”:

If you have the ability to make people laugh, you will be popular.

And you can even make more money. (His networth as estimated 2009 is $450 million!) Even if you’re not a comedian – simply because humor is a great human connector.

If you can make people laugh, you can motivate them and people will love to be around you.

There are many ways how you can learn to be funny, and just getting into the habit of telling jokes is a great way to start.

Another great thing is to just watch comedians perform.

Now the kind of humor that works on stage doesn’t always work in everyday situations, but your mind will still subconsciously “pick up the patterns of humor”.

But ultimately, making people laugh is about the way you view life and your attitude.

So, how to be funny?

Well, there are many ways, but hypnosis to learn humor is one of the easiest ways to lighten up and become funny.