How To Become A Better Lover

When you want to blow her mind, but you feel you fall short of your expectations, what can you do? Most male sexual performance issues are related to things you do in your mind – usually, there is no underlying medical reason, even for things like impotence or premature ejaculation. So if you want to know how you can “tune your mind” to become a better lover, then this article is for you.

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Become A Better Lover With Hypnosis

Sex is an important part of every relationship, and of human existence – and good sex can give you a more fulfilled, happy and joyful life.

The Usual Advice Isn’t Working?

There’s a lot of common-sense advice for men to be a better lover – plenty of magazines which promise you supersex secrets, but when you read them trough, it’s all stuff that you know already. Slow down – yeah, of course, women don’t like 2 minute sex. Be clean – yeah, of course you shouldn’t be smelly. Communicate – yeah, she’s not a thing, there should be some kind of exchange going on between you. And so on. My guess is – advice like this isn’t helping you. Have a romantic atmosphere – yup, women like candlelight and a romantic dinner, but that’s not necessarily going to give you supersex.

What’s The Number 1 Problem?

Unless you have a real medical condition, almost all male sexual performance issues are caused by your thoughts. Your rational, thinking mind gets in the way of your instinctive, subconscious mind – and that’s when things like premature ejaculation, impotence, decreased sex-drive or simply lack of enjoyment can happen. Have you ever seen a dog with performance issues? My guess is not. And guess why – because dogs don’t overthink things.

However, the remedy is not simply to stop thinking – because after all, we’re creatures of habit, and it is tough to “just stop thinking”. However, it is possible to retrain your mind to be totally in the moment, single-minded and focused on just that one thing that you’re doing when you’re having sex with your partner – and that is really all it takes to become a better lover. Not only will you satisfy your partner so much more and deeply, but you also will savor the whole experience more. You put the thrill back into sex – for both you and your partner, and you’ll both get your kicks out of it.

hypnosis downloadBecome A Better Lover With Hypnosis

And here’s a little intercourse technique which has proven to give women more pleasure: when you’re having sex in the missionary position, move your body up by about two inches. This way your pubic bone presses against her pubic bone, and the base of your penis stimulates her clitoris.

Another tip: there are no rules when it comes to sex. Sex is an experience, an activity, and the more flexible and relaxed your attitudes about sex are, the more you and your partner will enjoy it.