How To Stop A Bad Habit

If you want to know how to stop a bad habit, you’ll find plenty of useful information here for you.

Stop A Bad Habit

Now throughout the course of this article, I’ll often refer to your bad habit. There are too many bad habits to list them here, so what I want you to do while you read this article is to replace – in your mind – “bad habit” with whatever specific habit it is you want to get rid of.

So just as an example, if your bad habit is multi-tasking, then you should read the next headline like this: “Stop multitasking with one dollar”. Ok? Read to go 🙂

Stop Bad Habits With One Dollar

This is a really simple system, but one that can be really effective too as long as you stick to it.

Step 1: Define the rule.

engage in bad habit = pay 1 dollar.

So for example:

“Everytime when I start biting my nails, I will put one dollar in a cookie jar. At the end of one month, I’ll donate the money to a charity of my choice.”

Substitute Your Bad Habit

When you stop a bad habit, you take something out of your life that fulfilled some kind of function. Oftentimes bad habits give us some kind of emotional support.

So the right way to do it is not just: stop bad habit.

So instead of just say: “I’ll stop doing that.” say: “I’ll stop doing this, and instead do that.”


“I usually start multitasking when I’m bored. The benefit I get from that is that I can have a little fun and do interesting things. So when I stop multitasking, I’ll instead schedule other fun activities into my life.”

Stop A Bad Habit Subconsciously

The important thing to keep in mind is to not just know how to stop a bad habit, but to put that knowledge into action, to practice it. That’s why the next step can be really helpful.

Recruit A Friend

Tell a friend that you want to overcome a bad habit, and ask him/her for his/her help. Doing things alone and all by yourself is just harder than than it needs to be.

Even the simple act of just verbalizing and sharing your goal to stop a bad habit in itself is already valuable and has a psychological effect on you.

So right now, think about which friend you can recruit?

And then call that friend up, or send an email:

“Hi, I’ve got this thing with always multitasking and then my mind gets totally cluttered and I just get overwhelmed and don’t get things done properly. I want to stop this, and that’s why I call you. Can you help me? Just give me a call and ask me how I’m doing with my multitasking. You’re a good friend, and it would help me a lot.”

Use Self Hypnosis For Bad Habits

Think of hypnosis as an amplifier. You want to stop a bad habit, and you have a certain amount of willpower and discipline and determination at hand, but it’s also tempting to fall back into your old habits.

Hypnosis amplifies your willpower and reduces the risk of relapse. One of the ways hypnosis makes breaking bad habits easier is by just making you more relaxed, because many habits subconsciously also serve the function of stress relief. But another, even more important way is that habits are subconscious: we do them almost automatically many times. With hypnosis, you can communicate directly with your subconscious mind in a language your it understands, and make stopping your bad habit more easy.

How exactly does it work?

Well, you don’t need to become a hypnotist or learn hypnosis. Just listen to this self hypnosis audio download regularly and you’ll feel the effects.

Self Hypnosis For Bad Habit