How To Wake Up

Ah, that soft pillow is so comfortable in the morning – it seems like just the right place and time to rest your head a little longer. And your body… like it’s glued to the mattress, perfectly covered by your warm blanket. The last thing you want to do now is get out of bed. So in a situation like this… how to wake up and feel good about it?

How To Wake Up? With Hypnosis 😉

There are two ways how you can approach this: strategic and tactical.

Strategic is a long-term approach that will make waking up in the morning fun and easy – but it takes some effort and patience to make that change happen.

The tactical way is what you can use on any given day to make getting up easier. It’s almost like tricking yourself to feel fresh in the morning.

On this website, you’ll get both tactics and strategies that help you to wake up on time.

It’s much better to start your days with enthusiasm and energy, rather than begrudgingly struggling to get out of bed.

Wake Up Fresh Tactics

Again, these are short term fixed. Think of it as “doping”, rather than “training”. It gives you a quick boost, but it doesn’t really have the long term effect which you can get from training (=strategies. And we’ll talk about strategies later in this article).


This might seem strange at first, but try it. The vibration you create in your body when you hum is really stimulating and wakes up both your body and mind. I’ve never seen this advice given anywhere else, but everyone I recommend it to and who tries it is surprised by it’s effectiveness. It’s almost impossible to not wake up when you’re humming for a couple of minutes.

How To Wake Up? With Hypnosis 😉

For me personally, I love to hum the “Vogelfaenger” part of Mozart’s Magic Flute, but every tune will work – particularly melodies that have lots of “jumps” between low and high frequencies.

When you hum, you want to create a resonance effect in your body – you will literally feel it in different parts of your body. Mostly in your head, neck and chest though. When you feel how the vibration moves to different parts of your body, it’s incredibly invigorating.


Another trick if you want to know how to wake up in the morning is to listen to upbeat music that helps to energize you. It’s good to select one song that will be your “wake up song” – and then actually do get up every time when you listen to it. Try to do some dance moves in the bed when it plays and sing along. Why should you choose one specific song that you’ll wake up to every day rather than just the radio or a random playlist?

Because over time this will make getting up more easy – you are essentially conditioning yourself to establish a fixed stimulus-response pattern. The more often you wake up to that song, the more effective it will be. Your mind subconsciously makes the connection:

This song -> wake up, get started, gooooo!

I like songs like I Feel Good by James Brown or I Like To Move It, Move It from the Madagascar Movie or Somewhere Over The Rainbow by IZ Kamakawiwo’ole. But find what suits you best and makes you feel good in the morning.

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How To Wake Up? With Hypnosis 😉