Hypnosis for Dysphagia

Hypnosis for dysphagia can help you to overcome swallowing problems.

The term is derived from the two greek word roots dys (bad, disordered) and phago (to eat). Some pople have a general difficulty swallowing no matter what, and for others it either just liquids, or just solid foods, or just certain kinds of foods.

For some people it feels like they have to gag while others have a hard time simply getting down the food from their mouth to their stomach. One of the problems with dysphagia is that some people aren’t aware when something goes wrong with their swallowing and this lack of physiological feedback puts them at a higher risk of pulmonary aspiration.

Both men and women can be affected by dysphagia, as well as people of all age groups, from young babies to the elderly, although it is much more common in old age, especially for people who have had a stroke.

If you have issues with an overactive gag reflex hypnosis can help you to control your gag reflex.

If you feel like you have a lump in your neck which interferes with swallowing, you can use hypnosis for globus hystericus.