Hypnosis for Social Anxiety

If you’re considering hypnosis for social anxiety, then the information you’re about to get here could be the most important thing you read in a long time.

Does hypnosis for social anxiety work? Well, the answer is not nearly as satisfying as you might wish: it depends.

What does it depend on?

Part of it depends on you. And part of it depends on the kind of hypnosis you use.

Now when we talk about social anxiety, we don’t just talk about sometimes being shy.

We’re talking sweaty palms, and feeling your heart beat faster. You’re worried about what other people think of you, and you’re extremely self-conscious. And you’re literally scared about how other people judge you. Your chest feels tight, and maybe you have trouble breathing normally. Maybe your body shakes and trembles and you have no control over it.

If you feel that’s you, then this hypnosis thing could help you.

social anxiety

But it still depends.

You see, saying “hypnosis can cure social anxiety” is like saying “cake tastes good”.

How many different cakes are there?

And even if you say something like “chocolate cake tastes good” – there’s still a wide spectrum of cakes and tastes and flavors.

I confess – I love  chocolate cake.

But I’ve had chocolate cake where I just pushed the plate farther away from me after taking on bite, because it was all dry and just not tasty.

And with hypnosis – it totally depends.

You could go online and type something like “free hypnosis download for social anxiety” into your favorite search engine.

And you’d probably find all kinds of crap. Yep, it’s “hypnosis” – but it’s really crappy hypnosis that will do nothing but waste your time. It surely won’t help you to overcome social anxiety.

So you want to look for a really good hypnosis session.

Now there are two fundamentally different kinds of hypnosis:

  1. self hypnosis downloads
  2. hypnosis sessions in a therapists office

Hypnosis sessions in a therapists office can be the most effective and powerful way for overcoming anxiety if you have a good therapist and stick to the treatment. The biggest downside of a therapist is that it’s hard to find a good one, and once you find one, it’s hard to get an appointment (it often takes months), and once you get an appointment, it’s hard to pay for the treatment – it will literally cost you thousands of dollars for several sessions.

Self hypnosis downloads are good because you can start benefiting from them right away, and you can listen to them wherever and whenever you want. And they cost just a fraction of the money you’d pay for a therapist.

The downside of hypnosis downloads is that they’re not individually made for you. During a live hypnosis session where you sit with a therapist, the therapist sees your nonverbal signals and can give specific suggestions to the reactions he sees. This simply isn’t possible with a prerecorded hypnosis for social anxiety session.

However, the upside of a download is that you can often get a hypnosis session by someone who has a lot of experience working with people who have the same challenges and problems you have, and they can put a lot of thought and planning into their hypnotic suggestions. This surely is the case with the work of the hypnotists Roger Elliot and Mark Tyrrell, who have already helped hundreds of thousands of people with all kinds of conditions with their hypnosis downloads.

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