Black-Ops Hypnosis Review

Black Ops Hypnosis by Taylor Starr is one of the bestselling hypnosis courses online. Taylor Starr has really made a name of himself with that product.

The claims he makes about Black Ops Hypnosis are pretty bold. When you buy his course, do you really learn the most controversial and most effective mind control secrets of the world? At least that’s what he claims.

Here’s what the course wants to teach you:

  • how to hypnotize people secretly in seconds
  • Being able to bend a persons mind from hating you, to loving you in seconds.
  • Hypnotizing a hostess to seat you immediately at a crowded restaurant with a mile long line.
  • Making someone instantly change there mind about something, by simply uttering a few words.
  • the No Cleaver technique: hypnotize someone during “normal conversation” and make them believe it is fundamentally wrong to disagree with you.
  • Iron Man Pattern
  • The Black Mirror Operation
  • control any addiction like cigarettes or biting your nails
  • … and a lot more (quiet frankly, upon reading it all, I felt like he was just listing the powers of some super-hero).

What’s unique about his story is that he claims to have gotten access to an “inner circle of super-influential hypnotists”. It kind of reads as if he’s talking about the Illuminati’s or some kind of big conspiracy thing. One time he referred to them as “the Underworld Leaders”, and the guys who run that show are referred to as “The Triad”.

While the salesletter left kind of a bad taste in my mouth – sounded too much like a story out of a Marvel cartoon – I still wanted to review this product on my own. So, when I got myself a copy, I promised to give it a fair try.

It’s downloadable product, and once you paid for it, you’ll be taken to the secure download area. I like that – instant access, no need to wait for having anything shipped, etc. Literally buy and start listening right away.

He also has a couple of surprises bonus ebooks that you get for free… unfortunately, none of them was worth the time reading I have to say…

And the Black Ops product itself? If you ask me, it’s a bunch of balloney! Seriously, that guy has the nerve to sell this product for almost a hundred bucks, and then he delivers… that?

Basically it’s a couple of techniques and exercises that you can do (but very few people will actually do) to help you become immune to critizism and become super-persuasive.

While I do agree that if you follow the program, you will in fact become more persuasive, I also have to say that it’s very unlikely that you’ll actually do the exercises. I don’t want to go into details here, because obviously I can’t expose the exact contents of the product here, but basically it goes like this: if you purposefully make a big fool out of yourself and humiliate yourself in public bad enough, then you’ll become immune to critizism. He has a very special method how he does that, but I quiet frankly think his ways are just as effective as many other ways if you really want to do that.

About “becoming the Alpha” and things like that… well… he actually provides lots of theory that is supposed to help you understand what’s going on in social interactions, and thus be able to use it to your advantage. While it surely is great to realize what is going on in social interactions, it’s not enough to become as persuasive as he claims.

My strong recommendation is: do not buy Black Ops hypnosis. If you really want to learn about how to secretly hypnotize people, how to become (a lot) more persuasive and influention in your communication, then check out the conversational hypnosis course review. That course is more expensive, but it actually works and (over-)delivers on it’s promises.

Sorry, Taylor, but I really expected more.

2 thoughts on “Black-Ops Hypnosis Review”

  1. I did the iron man pattern routine, and it increased my id.

    I literally didn’t give a crap of what anyone said or did, afterwards; however, it made me a social lose cannon. I started doing “everything” and “anything” out of my comfort zone.

    Thereafter, whenever I tried to start up an iron man pattern within my mind, it would take a while to start up, and I would feel mentally fatigue, after coming down from it. Lastly, doing “versions” made me feel like I was in conflict with who I was and what my values were.

    Now, I’m seeking Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy, no underground stuff. I know now that aversion therapy may work for some but not all. That’s what the iron pattern is, aversion therapy.

    If you’re lacking confidence, there’s unconscious patterns of WHY you aren’t confident. Doing the iron man pattern is a psychological ego booster, but you really don’t uproot the problem. seeking a professional help makes more sense, I hope this comment helps.

  2. Hi Reuben,
    thanks a lot for your comment, that’s awesome! The fact that you’ve actually done the iron man pattern makes you part of the 5% group – the people who actually do things.
    I’d say the Iron Man pattern is more desensitization than aversion therapy (aversion therapy works like this: you do something you enjoy, but that’s bad for you -> you get a unpleasurable stimulus, like electric shock, loud noise, etc). If you look at desensitization I think you’ll find it’s a better match for the Iron Man Pattern.
    However, that being said, I’m quite sure that you’ll become a great hypnotherapist if you keep pursuing this. What I really respect the “underground/street hypnosis” people for is their willingness to do things, no matter how unconventional they might be, as long as it’s effective. What I respect people who pursue board certified clinical hypnotherapy for is the level of knowledge and understanding they develop – and you’ll have the best of both worlds, which is a rare combination.
    And I totally agree with you about lacking confidence – the iron man pattern will boost your ego, but you’ll still have that underlying issue. It’s a bit like putting lipstick on a pig. A good starting point, but not going all the way to really resolve the issue.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your insights, and I hope to read from you again someday 🙂
    Kind regards,

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