Hypnosis To Cure Procrastination

Hypnosis to cure procrastination is a wonderful method of finally becoming a real go-getter. Instead of chronically putting things off, you can get things done and get results.

hypnosis downloadHypnosis to Cure Procrastination

My guess is that you are a really, really good procrastinator. Is that right? Well, congratulations! That’s actually a complex skill. You probably know exactly how to deal with that feeling of emerging dread when you should (or kind of want to, but not really) do something – and you’re a master of avoidance. A, watch another episode of The Mentalist first. Ah, get something to eat first. Ah, take a nap first…

You can always come up with more compelling activities than that one task you should be tackling. And you are a master of somehow bending logic and rational thinking, so that engaging in that avoidance behavior seems to be the only reasonable choice. After all, it will put you in a much better state of mind to tackle that other task, the one you’ve been putting off so skillfully.

There’s no use in writing down a to-do list if you then change it into a to-don’t list.

hypnosis downloadHypnosis to Cure Procrastination

This hypnosis download works very simple. You download it on your computer and listen to it whenever you feel like it – but at least three times a week.

Hypnosis to cure procrastination works because it helps you to automatically take action instead of putting things off further. It’s almost like a little switch is installed inside your mind, and whenever you get that feeling that makes you want to avoid it, that switch gets turned on and you seek to get it done as fast as possible.

Hypnosis also helps to optimize underlying belief systems which might get in your way. Because your mind really doesn’t do anything that it considers to be negative – in some way your mind does believe that putting things off has more benefits than tacking things head on. And that’s actually quite understandable, because in the short term, procrastination often is the more pleasurable alternative.

But look at it really: when you’re procrastinating, you’re not truly savoring the pleasure – because somewhere in the back of your mind there is that voice of your consciousness that reminds you of the thing you actually could be doing now and makes you feel guilty. If you’d get the other thing done first and then reward yourself with that pleasurable experience – you’d get so much more out of it. Hypnosis can actually help you to “rewire your brain” to not just rationally know, but feel and translate those feelings into action. Instinctively moving forward, because you already have that psychological momentum. The good thing is: the more you overcome procrastination, the easier it gets, and the more getting things done turns into a habit.

You can’t beat procrastination with willpower or “discipline” alone – because procrastination is the thing that outwits willpower and discipline. It takes something more than determination or self-control.

hypnosis downloadHypnosis to Cure Procrastination