Hypnosis To Locate Something

Can you use hypnosis to locate something? While there is no simple yes/no answer to this question, in many cases you can use hypnosis to help you locate something you’ve lost.

hypnosis downloadUse Hypnosis to Locate Something

When you’re looking for something you’ve lost and you can’t find it, you probably do this strange thing that we humans do: you go back to the place where you’ve looked just a couple of minutes ago. And look over it again and again. And then the thing we’ve already been looking for five times still isn’t there, and we get increasingly irritated. Isn’t that strange?

Kind of reminds me of a thing Albert Einstein once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

But still, we can’t help it. And in fact, part of what makes it so hard to locate something is that we often get so annoyed and upset about not finding it. And this emotional agitation does nothing to help it, it just causes confusing inside your mind.

When you use hypnosis to locate something, it helps you to stay calm and relaxed and make use of all of your mind. And what’s even more important: it helps you to recall when you last saw or handled the item you’re searching for. Because many times the reason why we lost something is that we were mentally distracted when we placed it somewhere, our mind was occupied with something else, and we paid no attention to where we put the item.

hypnosis downloadLocate Something With Hypnosis


It’s almost as if we acted on auto-pilot, like a robot without conscious awareness. However, your subconscious mind is always perceiving, and it took note of where you placed the item.

Hypnosis helps you to get to your subconscious memories of where you last saw or touched the item, which is often the most effective way of finding something that’s not in plain sight.

One of the pitfalls of using hypnosis to locate something is that in the hypnotic states, imaginations can seem very realistic – so it is important that you get “clean” hypnotic instructions by an expert hypnotist, to separate fact from fiction. The last thing you need is false memories of where you put something because a hypnotist gave ambiguous suggestions.

This self hypnosis audio download is crafted by a licensed, professional and experienced hypnotist and comes with a full guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reaon whatsoever, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase – you find the details on the order page, it’s all very fair.

hypnosis downloadUse Hypnosis to Locate Something

There is another technique of using your subconscious mind to find soomething lost, and it can actually work quite well in combination with hypnosis too.

Kinesiology to Find Lost Things

If you’re very in sync with your subconscious mind and in a deeply relaxed state, you can also let your subconscious mind guide you. Maybe you’ve heard of the muscle test from kinesiology. Basically, what you do is to ask your subconscious mind to provide you with information by asking yes /no questions. At first, you want to make sure you understand what is yes and what is no.

For example, if you’re 28 years old, then ask your subconscious mind: “Am I 28 years old?” Then pay close attention to your thumbs  and wait for one of them to make some kind of movement (it could be even a small, hardly noticeable muscle contraction). If you don’t feel anything, you can say: “Dear subconsciousness, please give me a stronger signal so that I can notice it more clearly. Thank you.” Once you’ve identified a response from your subconscious mind, then ask a question to which the answer will be no.

So for example, you could ask: “Am I 14 years old?” And then pay close attention if you feel something in your other thumb. Once you know how your subconscious mind signals you a “yes” or a “no”, then you can ask questions like: “Is the item I’m looking for in this room?” Wait for a response. If the answer is yes, then you could ask: “Is it on or near the table?” And so on.

Another variant of this is to use a pendulum, but the principle is the same.

hypnosis downloadUse Hypnosis to Locate Something