Hypnosis works best when people are submissive?

One of the most common and widespread misconceptions about hypnosis, is that it’s a form of submission to the hypnotist. And it works best on people who are, well, weak and submissive, not mentally and emotionally strong, and easy to manipulate.

While we encounter these believes daily in the course of conversations and practice, we’re still occasionally surprised by them.

If a layperson has these – that’s very understandable. Hypnosis has most successfully been popularized by movies and shows that make that impression.

However, if doctor who publish articles as experts still spread this kind of nonsense, my patience is tested.

So I was surprised when I read Dr. Manny Alvarez’ article titled “Does hypnosis really help with weight loss?”

While he did state that he personally believes hypnosis can help people to lose weight, he also wrote this:

The thing to keep in mind is, hypnosis is a type of psychotherapy that tends to work best when people are submissive. If you are overly doubtful and resistant, it probably will not work.

This is based on a very antiquated style of hypnosis, and has very little to do with hypnosis and hypnotherapy as it is currently practiced by qualified hypnotists.

If you are curious as to how hypnosis can help you for weight loss – even if you are not submissive, and tend to be doubtful and resistant, then you can try this Ericksonian hypnosis download for weight loss.

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