Hypnotherapy Interview Anxiety

If you’re too anxious when you’re going into a job interview, then what can you do? Even if you are the right candidate for the job – if you don’t manage to convey that during the interview, you’ll probably never get that job.

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The thing is – some people are really good at job interviews, even though they aren’t good at doing the jobs. It’s kind of unfair, but it’s a fact of life. In order to get a good job you first need to make a good impression.

With hypnotherapy for interview anxiety you can get to the core of your nervousness and simply gain good confidence.

You will get into the mindset of those people who are really good at job interview.

And you know what these people think about job interviews?

They think it’s a game.

And they enjoy playing it.

Sure, the stakes are higher, but in the end it’s not like they really have to lose something big. Because there is a sheer endless amount of suppliers (even though from your current perspective, you might not look at it this way – but that’s part of the problem).

And when you’re good at the “game” of doing job interviews, then it’s not you who is “begging for a job” anymore, but then it’s the companies who are begging you to work for them. (Of course not literally – but it makes sense to switch perspective in this way in order to keep your cool and be on top of your game).

If you are the one who is in a position of being able to chose, being able to say yes or no, that changes the whole psychological power dynamics. And believe it or not: those people who do a job interview notice the subconscious signals interviewees send out. (Even if they just notice them on a subconscious feeling – this can even be more powerful, because it gives them what they call a certain “gutfeeling” about a canditate. And in the end most hiring decisions are based on instinct, rather than facts).

What do you think, who will get the job?

The guy who enters the room and greats with a sweaty handshake, sits tightly on the chair, stammers when he opens his mouth…

… or the guy who comes in full of confidence and charisma, demonstrating that he can perform under pressure and believes in his own talent and abilities?

Some people even get panic attacks in job interview situations – you can imagine what kind of impression that makes on a prospective employer.

Hypnosis can help you to remain calm and confident during a job interview.

Think about it: hypnosis basically is a very relaxed state of consciousness where you have access to subconscious resources. This is perfect to prepare you for job interview situations.

Do you know the “search and replace” function in a word editing program? You basically search for something and replace it with something else in the complete document. With hypnotherapy you can do a similar thing. You can search for all the negative thoughts that cause you to be anxious during job interviews and replace them with positive thoughts that help you to feel confident and calm.

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