Hypnotism For More Stamina

When it comes to sex, here’s a startling fact:

most men reach climax in less than 6 minutes.

Most women need at least 13 minutes to get there.

Now 7 minutes might not seem like a lot – but it sure feels like a lot.

Or a little. (From the woman’s perspective.)

7 minutes to early

Fortunately it’s not that something is physically wrong with your man parts.

Your sexual organs are totally fine and functional. (In the vast majority of cases!)

The problem is in your head.

Your know, that thinking head.

The part of your mind that’s reading this text right now, talking to you with that voice inside your head.

This part of your mind is very useful and helpful in many situations in your life.

You need it in your work-life and for many of the things you do on a day-to-day basis.

But you need to switch it off when you’re f*cking!

Because it just gets in the way.

That’s the part of your brain that you need to let go off in order to perform in bed.

Great lovemaking doesn’t need logic.

Great lovemaking needs instincts and intensity.

Great lovemaking doesn’t need doubts, worries or anxieties.

It needs primal passion.

If you want to keep your erection longer you need to be in that modus.

One of the reasons why hypnotism for more stamina works so well is because most of it is happening in your mind already.

hypnosis downloadDownload Hypnotism For More Stamina

Think about it:

just imagining some sexual fantasy can already get you aroused.

Without any physical contact or activity.

sexual fantasy

It’s all in your head.

And you can program your subconscious mind to stay harder longer.

You really don’t need pills or creams or potions or any kind of tool or sex toy to increase your stamina.

When you use hypnotism for more stamina, then you’ll also get much more pleasure from it all and it won’t be just your partner whose sexual satisfaction level will be much better: you also will find it much more satisfying. And you’ll be proud of and confident about your performance in bed.

Because let’s face it: there is not a single man on earth who doesn’t want to be a good, or even great lover.

It’s one of the most elemental building blocks of our identities, and it matters.

There are several reasons why you might feel you don’t have enough stamina: maybe you reach climax too early, maybe you get “soft” too early or never really hard at all, maybe it’s about condom collapse syndrome.

Whatever is the case with you – the fix is already in your own mind. You just have wrapped it up in a big layer of “overthinking”. And when you can get rid of these automatic thoughts that keep you from having a rock-hard erection that stays long enough to please your partner, it’s not just your love-life that will be much more fulfilling.

You don’t need to go see a psychologist or hypnotherapist – since the solution is already in your own mind, there’s a possibility that all you need is a key to unlock your mind. And that key can be something as simple as a hypnosis download which you listen to repeatedly for several times a week, or whenever you feel like it.

hypnosis downloadDownload Hypnotism For More Stamina

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