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Now this is part II of an article about this hypnotist, you can read part I: Igor Ledochowski by clicking here.

Here you can see Igor talking about what motivates him and inspires him to keep practicing and teaching hypnosis.

Examples he mentions are how hypnosis can be used to improve parenting skills, help others to improve their self-confidence, or how people cured random strangers of the fear of flying in an airport lounge.

Here is another video where you can see Igor Ledochowski being interviewed about conversational hypnosis:

He also makes a point that conversational hypnosis is something that happens every day when people are engaged in deep conversation. The thing is just that most of the time people aren’t aware of it happening, and they aren’t utilizing it – so the results they get are random. Sometimes they are influencing themselves and others positively, other times they are influencing themselves and others negatively.

The reason why you want to learn conversational hypnosis is so that you can purposefully and deliberately use hypnotic states of conscious to influence yourself and others.

Another question that Igor Ledochowski answers in this video is how to be a great hypnotherapist.

His answer is interesting:

The more you want the results, the harder it is to get them. It’s called the law of reverse effect. It’s kind of like you’re playing a sport, and someone kicks the ball at you. And you’re trying really hard to block it, but… miss…

Because the conscious mind has taken over a process that should be done unconsciously, your body is being run by your unconscious mind.

The wrong part of your brain is trying to do the wrong task, a task it wasn’t designed to do.


The biggest key is to develop this natural, so you catch a moment as it arises, help transform them, let them settle back in again.

Rather than trying to drag them out of a person, switch him around, force him back inside. For some people this works great, but a lot of people, if you work elegantly, they’ll accept that.

But it’s a lot easier when you trust your unconscious, let it do the work – of course you need some reference experiences and training and some tools to allow your conscious mind to work through, and then all you have to do consciously is to just be with another person. You have to respect them as a person. To be able to appreciate another person.

There’s a great quote which I think was by Steven Gilligan, I’m not sure, but basically he said: Your job as a hypnotherapist is to pay attention to that part of the client that they are disowning, that they think is bad, is evil, they wish they could just destroy it and appreciate that part of the client long enough for them to develop a new relationship to it, so they start to appreciate it too. And that’s when the healing comes in.

You know the old saying: what you resist, will persist.

Now I found this interview relatively general compared to the precision of his teachings in course The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis.

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