Improve Your Observational Skills?

There are many reasons why you could want to improve your observational skills – and in this article, you’re going to discover some exercises, techniques and other methods of how to improve your visual awareness.

hypnosis downloadImprove Observational Skills

One simple exercise that many military professionals in special units have been practicing for a long time is to simply always pay attention. If you’re walking on the street for example, pay attention to how many people are walking on your side of the street. What clothes do they wear? How many of them are male, how many female? How old are they?

Think of your observational skills like a muscle – the more you train them, the better they’ll become.

Practicing awareness meditation is another way to improve your observational skills, although a lengthy one – you’ll need to practice meditation daily for several months before you’ll begin to notice improvements.

One of the things that makes improving your skills of observation so challenging is because it’s such a complex activity – you both need to focus in more on the details AND at the same time have a “big picture sense” and see where the different parts fit into the big picture.

hypnosis downloadImprove Observational Skills

Another thing is to daily practice recollecting something that you saw from memory. So for example, recall how many doors you walk past from the elevator to the door of your apartment, or what color the carpet in the entrance area is – or any other visual details. By constantly recalling what you observed, you’ll teach your brain to become better at memorizing visual stimuli.

Another simple thing is to simply recall what happened to you during the day before you go to bed. What did you experience? What did you see? This will also send an important message to your subconscious mind, which is simply: become more conscious, become more aware, pay more attention to your immediate surroundings.

With the help of hypnosis, you can also improve your sense of sight.

You can increase your level of visual awareness easily and fast by using a self hypnosis audio MP3 and listening to it regularly for a couple of days and weeks. Then simply listen to it every once in a while to increase the effectiveness also on a long-term basis. Just make sure to listen to these self hypnosis audios in a relaxed state of mind, and be open to really process the suggestions in a positive manner in your own life. It’s even more powerful if you consciously formulate your desired outcome before listening to a hypnotic session, so for example stating something like: “I want to improve my visual awareness.” will really help you to get the maximum benefit from the hypnosis session.

hypnosis downloadImprove Observational Skills