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If you have problems with impulsive eating, chances are you’ve already tried several times to eat healthier – and you know that binge  eating is bad for you. Yet, for some reason, you can’t give up that bad habit. In this article we’re going to talk about the neuroscience of impulsive eating, what causes it, how it affects you and what you can do to overcome it. Finally, we’re also going to look closely at an impulsive eating hypnosis download which can help you to deal with the most challenging aspect of stopping binge eating: the subconscious, automatic, emotional part of it.

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Impulsive Eating Hypnosis Download

How About “Just Resisting The Impulse”?

People who never had a problem with binge eating might say: “Hey, just stop eating that way, you just need to be stronger, just use your willpower.” Which just shows that they really don’t understand what it’s like. Yes, willpower and strength can help – but if that’s all that you have at your disposal, your chances of long-term success at next to zero.

One reason is that when you feel a strong urge to eat, and you resist, the urge will just become stronger and stronger – until finally, when you do eat (which you will one way or another), the urge to eat will be even more intense and you’ll end up eating more (even though you have resisted the binge eating impulse for a certain amount of time). It can also make you more moody, aggressive and irrational.

Neuroscience Of Impulse Eating

Fortunately, thanks to advances in modern science we’re able to observe brains in action – we can see what happens in the brain when a person feels the urge to binge eat, and while he or she binge eats, and how it alters the brain activity.

hypnosis downloadImpulsive Eating Hypnosis Download

Scientists found out ((Yonghua Wang, Yuhan Pu, Ping Shen. Neuropeptide-Gated Perception of Appetitive Olfactory Inputs in Drosophila Larvae. Cell Reports, 2013; DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2013.02.003))  that neuropeptides (which are brain chemicals that act like “messengers” who carry the command to engage in compulsive eating). Basically, cells in your brain (neurons) receive chemical messengers – these chemical messengers cause an reaction, which then gets translated into thoughts and feelings you experience. These thoughts and actions then again cause you to act.

For a person who has a problem with impulsive eating, the thoughts and feelings often lead to a certain action: binge eating. What’s interesting is the thoughts often do not have to be primarily food-related. So in some cases, it might be that a pizza advertisement, or seeing a scene in a movie where someone eats a pizza, might be the thought that causes you to have a sudden craving for pizza. But in other cases, it might be completely non-food thoughts. For example, you might feel stressed about a certain issue at work, and subconsciously your brain knows that some yummy food could help to relieve the stress, and then suddenly makes you crave some food.

Hypnotic Suggestions Against Impulsive Eating

One of the reasons why hypnosis against impulsive eating is so effective is because it addresses your subconscious mind directly. Much of what causes you to binge eat happens without your conscious awareness. That’s why even if you decide to stop binge eating, you will sometimes “catch yourself” in the middle of another eating escapade.

So when you begin to stop binge eating, and instead find better ways of reacting to certain thoughts and feelings, and automatically make healthier eating choices, it will change many aspects of your life, not just your weight.

hypnosis downloadImpulsive Eating Hypnosis Download