Lack Self Discipline

Do you lack self discipline? If that’s the case then I want to first congratulate you, and express my respect for you. Because it takes a certain kind of person to admit something like this. Most people who lack self discipline are too pseudo-proud of themselves, or too ashamed, to admit that they lack self-discipline.

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Remember this: self discipline is true freedom. Because as long as you’re not disciplined, you’re a slave to your moods, emotions and desires. Every fool can control other people with the application of enough pressure or coercion – but it takes true inner wisdom to control yourself.

Currently you might lack that control. You want to do something, pursue a certain goal, achieve something – but the things that you need to do in order to get there just aren’t motivating enough. So instead, you do other things; things that are easier, more fun, safer.

But how do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

Most people who lack self discipline are in a dilemma: because they try to build self discipline with self discipline. But since they don’t have enough self discipline, they never build enough self discipline.

On the surface, it seems plausible, common sense: if you lack self discipline, you just need to “force” yourself to be more disciplined. Use your willpower, your mental strength.

But while I’m a friend of common sense solution, I’m even a bigger friend of solutions that work. And willpower simply isn’t doing the job if you want to become more disciplined.

So what can you do?

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One of the things you can do is to start a self-discipline logbook. And every day you write down how much you would rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 when it comes to self discipline. If you’ve had a very disciplined day, rate yourself high, and also examine what factors contributed to your high performance. When you score low, examine what dragged you down. And then try to think of ways how you can create conditions that will help you to be more self disciplined, and minimize those that cause lack of self discipline.

You can use hypnosis to plant self discipline – pretty much the same way you would install a program on a computer, or an app on your smartphone. The hypnotic suggestions help you to automatically become more disciplined and strengthen your willpower-muscle.

This self hypnosis will also train your inner dialogue to become a better friend. Because right now, that little voice inside your head is probably often whispering sweet temptations into your ear that get you off track, or otherwise sabotaging your motivation.

Let’s face it: there’s so much distraction nowadays – you could squander your life with things that don’t matter and one day look back on all the things you haven’t accomplished and haven’t done, filled with regrets. Or you can do what it takes to build self discipline – and get the life you want.

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