Let The Power Of Love Make You Shine Bright

I was just listening to a song of the popular artist Rihanna, and it has a beautiful meaning. Watch it for a minute:

At it’s core, it’s about love, and how it lifts us up to become more of our full potential, to be beautiful, to be the best you can be.

Love can really bring out the best in yourself. Love can give you the strength, resolve and confidence to overcome your fears. It can give you the endurance to overcome obstacles. Love can heal your wounds and fix your broken wings. It really is one of the strongest forces of the universe.

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Maybe on an intuitive level we all know the unstoppable power of love – and that’s why so many people on this planet are looking for love, looking for a partner with whom they can build and care for a loving relationship that lifts both of them up and makes the world – in it’s own small way – a better place.

Love is the force that can break down walls.

But unfortunately, many people have “walled themselves in” one way or another. They don’t seem to find the love they’re looking for. And there are literally hundreds of possible reasons for that. Some people don’t feel attractive or worthy enough. Some people are afraid of being hurt, and that’s why they build up emotional walls around themselves. Some people need to learn to love again first. Some people are afraid of rejection, or afraid of commitment. Some people are stuck in a state of unrequited love, a situation in which they pour all their emotional love energy into an impossible relationship that will never happen and make themselves miserable.

Some people are in a relationship, but somehow they only focus on the imperfections of the partner, and they feel they can’t truly love him or her that way. (Which is of course an illusion – there’s no ‘perfect partner’. The perfect partner is the one you decide to have a relationship with despite his or her imperfections).

Some people just keep pushing others away whenever someone gets close to them. Some people can’t trust.

And it’s all so sad if you think about the love this world could have, and how people shut themselves out of experiencing it because of fears, worries, past experiences.

That’s why these hypnosis downloads to help you discover the joy of love are some of my favorites – because they can help you to open up your heart again and find that person with whom you can share the most wonderful of all things. To feel truly alive again, to be filled with ecstasy. And shine bright like a diamond 🙂