Living With Pain

Living with pain is a transforming experience. It can change the way you think and feel about everything. Many people can deal with pain for a while. After all, temporary pain is like an unwelcome guest – we know he will eventually leave again. But chronic pain – that’s there to stay.

Self Hypnosis To Manage Your Pain

Statistics show that long-term pain often causes depression and anxiety. It can also make you more irritable and moody. Statistics also show that one out of ten adults in the United States suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain. These numbers are surprising to many – but the reason why so many people underestimate the prevalence of chronic pain si because it’s invisible. You can see if someone is blind or has a missing limb. But you can’t see if someone is in pain all the time. The only tell-tale sign for many chronic pain sufferers are the lines on the face which are an effect of the grimace of pain many subconsciously engage in when in pain.

The 3 Elements of Pain

Pain also isn’t just about a damage to your body. There are three contributing factors that make up pain and determine how intense it is:

  • physical
  • psychological
  • neurological

Each of these factors is equally valid. Unfortunately, many people think that “psychological pain” is kind of a drama play weak people engage in. Nothing could be further from the truth, psychological pain is just a real as any other.

How Pain Affects Your Body

Pain is not just something you feel or have to endure. Living with pain actually causes real, quantifiable changes within your body.

Audio Hypnosis For Pain Relief

It changes your blood circulation to the brain, it affects your central nervous system, it increases your metabolic rate and alters the limbic-hypothalamic system. The latter is an area in your brain which is in charge of regulating your emotions – that’s one of the reasons why the way you feel – not just about pain, but about everything – can be changed by chronic pain.

Studies have shown that living with pain even causes you to change the way you breath: instead of taking deep, relaxed breaths, you develop a tendency to breathe shallow.

Chronic pain can also weaken your immune system and slow down wound healing.

Many chronic pain sufferers experience loss of appetite, and a slowing of gastrointestinal motility (that means that the internal organs which are involved in digestion aren’t able to move as good anymore, and that negatively affects how you digest foods and how your body breaks down nutrients from the foods you consume).

Sleep problems are also much more common among those living with pain. They might need help falling asleep, experience fatigue during the daytime or suffer from insomnia.

So it’s important that you learn to live with pain, without letting it slowly take your life away. While in an ideal world you would just make the pain magically disappear, in reality sometimes this isn’t possible.

Does Hypnosis Help To Manage Pain?

Countless case studies have shown that hypnosis can help to ease, relief and manage pain. You can click the link below to try different self hyponsis downloads which will change the way your brain responds to pain signals.

Hypnosis Downloads To Manage Your Pain