Motivation to Play Guitar

If you need motivation to play guitar, there’s a way that might seem absurd at first – but if you are willing to keep an open mind, you’ll be amazed about how good this works. I’ve done this with two friends and both of them really enjoyed practicing guitar ever since.

Get Motivation To Play Guitar

First of all, let’s realize: this happens to almost every guitar player at some point. If you’re trying to become a better guitarist, there will come a time when you’re frustrated that you’re not making progress fast enough, unsatisfied with your level of skill or just find no more joy in strumming away.

So here’s something you need to know about learning to play the guitar: it’s not a steady path of progression. There will be phases when you learn so much, when your skills improve quickly, when in a short amount of time you acquire a lot of knew techniques.

But there will also be learning plateaus: when it seems as if you’re guitar skills have stagnated, and you’re not making any progress at all.

But the thing is: behind every plateau, there is that magic moment when you break through that invisible barrier – and all of the sudden you find yourself jamming away, in the flow, playing is easy and joyful and you just wanna keep doing it.

It’s important to know that if you want to keep your motivation to play guitar alive.

The question is just: how can you get to that point? How can you push yourself across that plateau where learning isn’t fun anymore, without losing “the spark”?

After all you don’t want to be a guitar playing robot. After all, we’re talking art, we’re talking music. A purely mechanical approach where you just force yourself to play without joy isn’t what you’re striving for.

Get Motivation To Play Guitar

There’s no doubt that you sometimes need the ability to push yourself. But what’s even more important is the ability to stay inspired – and to re-inspire yourself when you feel like the thrill is gone.

One of the things I did with my friends was to take their guitar away and have them stand up, pick their favorite song and we jammed together. How do you jam without a guitar? You jam with an air guitar! Being silly like that can remind you of why you wanted to play guitar in the first place and get you back in touch with that sense of joy and having fun with it.

I anchored this state with them and then used hypnosis to “install” it in their subconscious mind as an automatic reaction when they hold the guitar in their hands.

Yes, I warned you this might seem absurd or freaky at first. But I assure you I’m not into some kind of sect, I’m not a scientologist or anything like that.

Hypnosis is a natural but powerful way to influence your own feelings and thoughts. And using self hypnosis you can change the way you feel about playing guitar.

Get Motivation To Play Guitar