Motivational Video: Inspiration For Achievement & Success

There’s enough people in this world who try to drag you down. And your spirit is a delicate thing; it get’s affected by what other people throw at it, even when you do your best to protect it.

At least it’s that way for me. And let’s face it, no matter what:

Life throws enough rocks at you. Things don’t work out the way you hoped. You aim and miss. You try to climb up and fall down.

That’s just part of life.

The thing is: how often do you get up?

How often do you take aim again?

If you aim more often than you miss – then you hit the target.

If you get up more often than you fall down – then you’re up.

And it’s motivational videos like these that can sometimes be just what you need to push you to try one more time:

For me, one of the favorite sections of all the hypnosis downloads are the motivational and inspirational self hypnosis audios.

Because they go really deep.

Kind of like a positive parasite.

You see, a parasite is something that attaches itself to another thing, but usually it harms that other thing.

Now for me, I have this idea of positive parasites, which attach themselves to my negative and limiting beliefs, and suck the life out of them to nurture the positive and empowering beliefs.

Kind of like lotus flowers which can grow in a dirty, muddy pond.

We are all pulled down by the heavy weights of negativity:
It stops us from pursuing our dreams, it makes us give up too early, it makes us accept a life we shouldn’t accept and settle for less instead of aiming for more.

And it’s your job to prevent these negative beliefs from getting nourished, and instead plant and attend positive and inspiring beliefs.

So that you can do positive and inspiring things.

Because that’s what life is there for: to be enjoyed, to be cherished, to be lived fully.

And when we see other people doing that – like in this motivational video that I shared with you above, it is an inspiration for ourselves to aim higher, to achieve success.

When you learn how many times Michael Jordan failed and was told that he would never make it in professional basketball, well, it puts failure into another light. You kind of learn to look at just another milestone that you have to pass on the way to success.

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. – Michael Jordan

There are so many inspiring quotes by people who have done things others told them they’d never make happen.

But the thing is: you have to keep going. You have to try.

That’s why motivational videos and motivational hypnosis downloads are part of my regular mental hygiene, my psychological practice, my emotional training program.

I just keep working at these things, because I know they matter.

And so should you:

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