Needy Children? Helpless Kids? There’s a Good Reason Why They Are That Way

If you’re a parent, there will without a doubt come moments when you think: “Why isn’t my kid getting it? Why do I have to show him/her again how to do this? Why do I have to do this for him/her again?”

They say kids learn fast, but there are so many simple things that they seem to learn slow. And they’re so helpless. They depend on you. Why is that?

There’s an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about just that: Why Are Our Kids Useless? Because We’re Smart. The author, Alison Gopnik, makes an interesting point. She says that the reason why kids depend for such a long time on their parents taking care of them is so that they have time to learn and master the complex skills which are required to become a fully functioning human being.

She’s looking at it from an evolutionary perspective, saying that being a needy child actually has advantages: because a kid doesn’t need to take care of its survival, it has time to explore, learn, practice and familiarize itself with the more subtle and refined skills which will be helpful to succeed in human society.

Being a parent is an amazing ride with many ups and downs, and sometimes it’s good to remind yourself that sometimes kids have to be the way they shouldn’t be so that they can become the way they “should” be later – there are different developmental stages. Parenting is all about providing them with the love, experiences and environment to blossom and bloom, and much of it is about your emotions and attitudes toward your child and your ideas of parenting. The parenting hypnosis downloads can help you to face the challenges of parenthood better.