Paruresis Cure Download

Looking for a drug-free & natural way to overcome shy bladder syndrome? This paruresis cure download can help you to pee in public places easily and free from anxiety.

How would you feel when you wouldn’t have to live your life to accomodate your bashful bladder? Just being able to go somewhere without having to plan your “toilet escape routes”.

Being able to go to the toilet like other people – “normal people” – do.

Usually when you go to seek professional help or therapy for paruresis, what you get is the same thing you get for other phobias or anxiety disorders. But the thing is: paruresis is different. And doing the same thing that they use to treat fear of heights or fear of cats won’t work when you use it for people with a bashful bladder.

The reason why you’re afraid to urinate is simply this: your brain has made a mistake.

Yep, there it is, I said it. Your brain isn’t infallible.

What happened was, your brain made a false association. It associated urinating in a public toilet with a threatening sensation, a feeling of anxiety or even panic, an expectation of imminent danger.

Of course, it’s not really dangerous or threatening.

But try telling that to your brain.

It won’t listen.


… you use this paruresis cure download that I’m trying to push into your hands here. Because I believe that there’s a real possibility that using this hypnosis download will help you overcome your shy bladder syndrome once and for all.

hypnosis downloadGet Your Paruresis Cure Download

With hypnosis you can directly communicate with the subconscious part of your brain.

It’s very difficult to cause changes on the subconscious level without the use of hypnosis.

Hypnotic suggestions are crafted in the language which your subconscious mind understands and accepts. And that’s why hypnosis makes changing something about yourself – like feeling anxious when urinating in public toilets – so easy and fast.
repeatOne of the big advantages of this bashful bladder cure is that you can listen to it as often as you want, wherever you want, at any time of the day. Because especially the first two to four weeks, you really want to hammer your subconscious mind with the positive hypnotic suggestions.

While there’s still a lot that we don’t understand or know about paruresis, we do know that it’s caused by a “malfunctioning” in the reptilian complex (in the Triune Brain model of neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean).

reptilian complex

This is the part of your brain which is mainly concern
ed with one thing: survival.

It’s very good at making fast decisions. Taking immediate action.

Instant reaction.

But that’s also why all the reasoning, all the rational arguments, all the logical thinking don’t really help.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ivan Pavlov and his dogs. Yep, the dogs that started salivating when he rang a bell. Because he conditioned them that way.

And that’s pretty much what your shy bladder syndrome is about – a conditioned response. With this hypnosis download you can re-condition yourself to feel at ease and relaxed to urinate in public restrooms, free from anxiety.

hypnosis downloadGet Your Paruresis Cure Download