Perfect Pitch Hypnosis

Do you wish you had absolute pitch? If you are not getting results from the perfect pitch training you’ve been doing so far and do not seem to be naturally talented, perfect pitch hypnosis could be the right solution for you.

perfect pitch hypnosis download


Hypnosis can be used to implant a suggestion in your mind. This method can be used to help you retain some useful information, for instance how to identify different notes. Having some kind of training as a musician will make this hypnotic training a lot more effective.

If you are interested in acquiring perfect pitch, you should look for hypnosis recordings you can download online. There are different methods developed to help you learn to identify notes exactly. These methods basically consists in repeating different notes followed by their interpretation. You will eventually be able to identify the notes right away because the recordings instilled these new reflexes in you.

Do not expect to get good results right away. You will probably develop absolute pitch quickly if you already have an ear for music. Listen to the hypnotic recordings until you are satisfied with your new skill. You should not entirely rely on the Hypnosis MP3s to help you develop perfect pitch. It is best to practice regularly to get used to using this skill and make sure you are progressing. Using hypnotism is a way to accelerate your training and get over different obstacles, but it’s not a magic pill.

Approach hypnotism with an open mind. If you do not expect this method to work, your mind will remain completely closed to hypnotic suggestions. Do more research about hypnotism if you are not sure how this method works.

hypnosis downloadPerfect Pitch Hypnosis Download

Keep in mind that hypnotism can only be used to influence you in a positive way. If you really want to acquire absolute pitch, your mind should be very receptive to this hypnotic training.

Your perfect pitch hypnosis recordings should be used right before you go to sleep. Do something relaxing before going to bed and do not hesitate to use a few meditation exercises to get in the right mindset. Breathe deeply and clean your mind.

You can then start listening to the audio hypnosis and focus entirely on the recording. The introduction of the tape is designed to help you relax and reach a hypnotic state.

Do not worry if you do not manage to put yourself under hypnosis right away. Because most of the time you’ll be in a hypnotic state of consciousness if you listen to the self hypnosis session while being relaxed – being hypnotized often doesn’t feel so different from normal states of relaxation.

Entering a hypnotic state is easier if you feel safe and completely clear your mind first. Also make sure that you prevent interruptions – for example, switch of your mobile phone (or put it on silent. If you’re living together with other people, put a sign on the door or just tell them that you want to be undisturbed for the next half hour.

If you want to acquire perfect pitch, you should definitely give hypnosis a chance. Do more research on this method and you will find plenty of tapes you can download. Get started right away and you should notice a real improvement within just a couple of weeks.

hypnosis downloadPerfect Pitch Hypnosis Download