Psychotic Hypnotists?

This is definitely one of the most scarying articles about hypnosis I’ve read in a long time. Apparently, there’s a psychology consultancy in China called Tao’s Way, and the owner – Tao Sixuan – should seek some mental help herself.

She recently guided a client named Candy with irregular period to the following scenario:

In her imagination, Candy was with the man on the roof of a 17-story building. She walked up to him, chopped him into pieces with a sharp knife, wrapped his body into a black plastic bag, and threw the bag of flesh off the building, which was later eaten by a dog.

What the fuck?

Is she trying to create a bunch of psychopaths? How can this woman be allowed to practice? Leading people through such imaginary actions can cause more serious psychological problems.

What’s worse – Tao Sixuan is actually a small celebrity in China. She charges about $150 per hour, which is A LOT of money in China.

You can read the whole article yourself here.