Scared of Talking on the Phone?

Are you scared of talking on the phone? Find out how you can overcome your fear and enjoy comfort and confidence during phone conversations with friends, business partners and total strangers.

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Here’s a simple, yet powerful mental exercise you can do to ease your telephone fear. It’s a simple exercise of imagination and relaxation.

Before you do this exercise, please make sure that you remain undisturbed for the next few minutes. Switch of the phone, shut the door and make sure no one will interrupt you.

Make yourself comfortable on a chair or lay down on your bed and simply take a couple of deep breaths.

And then let all the thoughts and worries of your everyday life slowly drift away into the distance, fading out somewhere far away for a couple of minutes and focus on your breath, and the pleasant sensation of relaxation gently gliding through your body, relaxing tense muscles.

Next, imagine yourself at a place where you feel totally at easy. This could be a beach you visited on a vacation, or the shadow of a big tree on a nice summer day, where you feel the soft fresh breeze of a gentle wind, and the grass underneath you. Or whatever feels right and comfortable for you. And just be there for a couple of moments with your imagination, and allow yourself to savor that moment in your mind, being right there in that perfect spot.

hypnosis downloadStop Being Scared Of Talking On The Phone Now

And then imagine somewhere far away, very small, a little phone. And see how that phone slowly gets closer, while you smile and keep breathing in a very relaxed manner, being totally at ease with yourself. And hear the sound of the phone ringing, and see yourself – as if you’re looking at a movie recording of yourself – reaching for that phone and talking on the phone, totally relaxed and at ease. You don’t need to know what you’re talking about – just notice how the words seem to come naturally, and how you talk on the phone with confidence and assurance, still being very relaxed.

not scared on the phone

And see yourself how you hang up the phone, still completely calm and relaxed.

This simple mental visualization exercise is really all you need to overcome your phone phobia – if you do it often enough (several times a day over a course of several months). Take your time when doing this exercise and be in a deeply relaxed and mentally focused state of mind.

If you want to speed the process up and get over being scared of talking on the phone a lot faster, you can use hypnosis, which will help to accelerate the process on a subconscious level. By listening to a audio hypnosis download you’ll be able to create more vivid images in your mind and hypnotic suggestions will steer your subconsciousness in the right direction.

hypnosis downloadStop Being Scared Of Talking On The Phone Now