Secrets of Gary Vaynerchuck

If you want to be an entrepreneur – here’s a video really worth watching very much.

You probably already heard of this guy: Gary Vaynerchuck. The guy from WineLibraryTV, and now Vaynermedia. A very inspirational, driven and good-hearded guy.

Here’s a couple of things I took away from it about successful entrepreneurship.

You need to be incredibly driven and motivated, and if you’re a parent you want to instill that kind of drive and hunger in your kids too:

“I’m dealing with a totally different thing, which is, living in upper eastside manhattan, raising children as an immigrant. How the heck do I gonna keep them grounded when they’re going to million dollar Bar Mitzwas in ten years, right? […] That’s the thing that messes with me: how do I keep them hungry in a world where I provide them everything? Where my heart wants to provide them everything, and my head wants to provide them nothing.”

And he also shared some advice on the right kind of entrepreneurial perspective if you want to succeed:

Look at the finish line – and then reverse engineer.

[…] What the hell do you want to happen? Cause that’s real business. I think the reason why so many people are failing is because they aren’t starting with the finish line reverse engineering.

He also talked about the importance of hard work and self-discipline and not being afraid of not being “nice” and embracing your competitive streak.

“If I work really hard – which is always automatic – will I crush everybody that’s doing it? That’s what I look for. I look for vulnerable markets where I think their stale, fat and lack hustle.”

What’s more he talked about how important sales skills have been to his success. When he was a young boy and entered his fathers wine business, he quickly earned the respect of his father. Why? Because he would outsell even the professional salespeople in the store. When asked how he got so good at selling he said he simply put in his “10000 hours of practice”. But of course there are salespeople who have been selling for more than 10000 hours – but they don’t get to that point. Because you need to really be at it with your mind 100% to become really good at selling.

And then he talked about being flexible and recognizing opportunities:

Being religious about how you make your money is the quickest way to go out of business.

Now what I really recommend you to do is head over to the site and watch the videos – because even though it takes a bit more time, watching Gary talk about entrepreneurship is just such an inspiration.