Self Hypnosis Stop Smoking

I bet you wish you would never have started smoking. I guess if you’d known how difficult it would one day become to quit (and how bad you want to!) you’d never get into the habit. And you probably already tried all sorts of things from nicotine plasters to acupuncture. But in this article we’re only going to talk about how you can use self hypnosis to stop smoking, and you can download the audio hypnosis sessions to make it really happen.
hypnosis downloadSelf Hypnosis: Stop Smoking

But why IS it so hard to give up smoking?

Why did you so often – despite your best intentions – lit up another cigarette?

The truth is: you can’t forever resist these cravings.

If you’re a person with really strong willpower, you might refrain from smoking for a couple of weeks.

But – if all you have at your disposal is willpower and self-discipline – then at some point the temptation will be too overwhelming.

There are all kinds of aids that you can buy. There are even medications. Or you could stick a nicotine patch to your skin or chew a nicotine gum.

But all that won’t be of no help if you don’t once and for all turn that switch in your mind.

Do not thing that self hypnosis is magic though. It is important that you approach this with realistic expectations. I had a really extreme experience in that regard with one woman I once talked with in a cafe.

When I told her that I am a hypnotist, she immediately snapped:

“Ah, that doesn’t work! You couldn’t hypnotize me! I have tried to quit smoking with hypnosis, and see, I’m still smoking.”

And she took another puff from her already lit cigarette.

I inquired a bit more about her hypnosis experience to stop smoking.

“It might work for people who are very suggestible, but I’m a pretty independent woman. I listened to this self hypnosis recording to stop smoking on my MP3 player on my work to work in the subway.”

Well, yeah. Duh.

If you are going to listen to your self hypnosis download to stop smoking on the subway or while doing other things – you better not waste your time and money in the first place. (Or keep wasting it on cigarettes).

I guarantee you: these hypnotic suggestions work.

They will get you to stop smoking.

But you gotta put in the work too.

You gotta be committed.

You should listen to each session at least one time per day for the first couple of weeks. And watch out for your inbox, because you’ll get some additional guidance and support to help you on the path and make the best of the self hypnosis. Stop smoking downloads are easy to find – but most of them do in fact not work, because they’re not done by professional, skilled and experienced hypnotherapists.

There’s a real possibility that you’ll just keep surfing the web, looking for some free scripts or downloads. And I’m not going to try to push you to do anything. Maybe you do indeed find something good.

But please, do your research. One of the most common errors people (even so called “expert hypnotists”) often make is that they use suggestions like this:

“I am not going to smoke again.”

Suggestions like these actually do more harm than good.

Because the human subconsciousness does not process negation.

So in order to make sense of the suggestion your mind needs to imagine yourself smoking again.

These kinds of suggestions create the programs in the minds of those people to keep smoking.

There are other pitfalls too, and unless you learn to become a hypnotist, it’s really difficult to tell a good from a bad self hypnosis induction.

That’s why I recommend this 10 step hypnosis programbecause it’s proven to work.