Stop Being Pessimistic

Do you often see things in a negative light? Constantly expect the worst? And would like to change this? If you want more out of life than what you currently have, it’s time to stop being pessimistic.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”  – Winston Churchill

Science has shown that pessimists live shorter lives, earn lower incomes and suffer from illness more often. And despite books like “The Power of Negative Thinking”, which defend pessimistic attitudes by showcasing the (real) benefits of pessimistic thinking, optimism is still the better choice if you care about any of these things in your life:

  • health
  • wealth
  • relationships
  • friendships
  • romance
  • fulfillment

Research has shown that in all of these areas of life, optimists fare better.

But how do you actually stop being pessimistic?

After all, if you’re a pessimist, then that’s the “default mode” of your brain. It’s a mental habit. And changing that isn’t easy.

Stop Being Pessimistic & Negative

The good news is, the fact that you’re reading this is already part of the process.

So you’ve already done the first step. You’ve recognized that pessimism isn’t benefiting you, and you decided to become more optimistic.

You have the intention to stop being pessimistic. That’s your most important asset in this process.

Be Aware Of Your Pessimistic Thoughts

Now whenever you notice that you’re have a negative thought, simply acknowledge it. Simply say to yourself in your mind: “Hey, there’s one of those pessimistic thoughts again! I let it go.”

You don’t need to fight it. You don’t need to try to suppress it. If you can, make fun of it, laugh about it.

You can give your pessimistic thoughts a name. Something like pessies or pests or whatever you prefer to call them.

“Ha! There’s another of those pessies again. Funny little thing, I let you gooooo.” And you can imagine that thought flying far away into the sky like a balloon, or falling down to the ground like a stone.

“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down” ― Charles Chaplin

Using your imagination to stop being pessimistic and visualizing pessimistic thoughts leaving your mind can be a surprisingly powerful way to overcome your pessimistic habits.

Let Yourself Be Inspired

There are so many people who have done inspiring things. Read their stories. Read biographies of inspiring people. Read articles about them. Watch inspiring movies.

Talk With Positive People

Have a conversation with an optimistic person. Let them infect you with their optimism. Play “positivity ping pong”, where every time the other person says something positive, you say something positive back in return, and positive words flow between the two of you like a ping pong ball between two players.

Tap Into The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Your thoughts are probably still automatically going in a negative direction, and you’ll always have to take “corrective measures”. That can be tedious and tiring. That’s why self hypnosis works so well. Because it can help you change your thoughts on the subconscious level and make positive thinking your “default mode”. It’s the closest thing you can get to “become optimistic in your sleep”.

Stop Being Pessimistic & Negative

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